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Asked: 3 years ago

Does this game push the limits of how much clevage can be shown in a t rated game?

What i just said

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From: Modded360 3 years ago

all the girls could be wearing pasties and a leaf on there crotch and it would still not be nude, hence the "T" rating.

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as far as i can see it doesn't it's most likely like Soulcalibur 4

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There is no limit to how much cleavage can be shown in a Teen game. A game would not receive an M rating till nipple is shown.

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Why would it push the limits lol mostly everybody has small boobs

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Rumble Roses XX on the 360 got an M, and I think one of the DOA games recieved an M as well for ratings.

Either way there is only so much that you can show. Even the created characters have their limits. Spy robe is about as good as it is going to get, and thats just like the last game for the most part.

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DOA2U received an M due to the implied rape in the intro cutscene, and DOA4 got an M I think because in Christie's ending she's clearly in a strip club. Whether a game is rated T or M usually isn't dependent on the level of nudity.

I am a little disappointed that in SCV, Ivy and Sophitia wear more than they did in SCIV.

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