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How to unlock algol?

Ive gotten all the other characters besides the dlc moustache guy ... Online it says you have to be a certain character and beat algol in quick battle or beat him in arcade ... Which one is the fastest and how do i get to him in quick battle? And also i unlocked kilik and edge master and both were changing weapons each round which i found odd .. is this normal?

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Shuraba answered:

Basically, you either have to face him in arcade, legendary souls, or do it the easy way. What you do is, play story and/or arcade till you hit player level 12, then start doing quick battles until you see a dude named TERAMOS..... should be in all caps i think. Anyways, he's a level c or d algol. Fight him, and BOOM, tough actin tanactin, you get your character. ^_^
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freeko answered:

Algol will unlock when you defeat the extra path on arcade mode, and I think that unlocked around player level 19. I do not remember the exact level it was. However I found that to be the easiest way to unlock Algol.

Edge Master uses all fighting styles, Kilik changes between all male characters, and Elysium changes between all the female characters.
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Wandrian answered:

Both of these guys are correct, but in my opinion it's easier to defeat TERAMOS than clear Arcade Mode against him :)
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