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I beat Harada in QuickBattle but no DevilJin?

But I dont see the Devil Jin soul. I've searched everywhere, but I get 20 different answers. What is the 100% way to get devil jin soul?

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Travis31602 answered:

You must also have at least a level 5 player level. Once you reach level 5 you should have a small notification box informing you that "You're player level is now 5" or something like that then it should say something like "Character unlocked: Soul of Devil Jin". Personally I got it just by reaching level 5 without beating Harada TEKKEN. ALSO this is only the Soul of Devil Jin not the actual character. You have to go to create a soul and choose it as the fighting style.

Algol: Reach player level 31, or beat him in legendary souls
Alpha Patroklos: player level 15, or beat story mode
Edge Master: player level 19, or beat story mode
Elysium: player level 27, or beat story mode
Kilik: player level 9, or beat him in legendary souls
Pyrrha Omega: player level 23, or beat story mode
Soul Of Devil Jin: player level 5

My suggestion to unlock everyone is to:
1ST: Beat story mode
2ND: Beat Legendary Souls mode
3RD: Enjoy your characters!

*Note If any of these tasks are to difficult you can always play through arcade on easy a few times or play quick battle against beginner fighters and eventually you will level up high enough to have every character.
Hope this helps!
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SpartanDrag0n answered:

Simple just level up.
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