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How do you register rivals?

I want to register one of my friends as a rival, but I can't find where you would do this. The manual and Internet resources do not seem to provide an answer.

Accepted Answer

KuroAlucard answered:

If you want to add a friend as a rival, you can create a room online and send them an invite. Then view their license and add rival.
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Wandrian answered:

1: play against them
2: go to the replay menu and highlight a match you had with them
3: view their license(should be the triangle button)
4: press start to open the rival registration screen

I don't believe there's any other way to do this, or at least I nor anyone I know has found another yet.
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blackart1111 answered:

It can also be done during spectator mode in a room.Bring up their license and add as a rival the same way Wandrian described.Also there are hints at the bottom of the screen that tell you which button to hit to bring up their license.
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