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Mitsurugi's Critical Edge is not unblockable?

In Mitsurugi's movelist the Critical Edge is suppose to unblockable but I did it a few times to people online and they blocked it. How does it keep getting blocked and how/what is the timing to make it unblockable?

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kyolam answered:

well actually its not just mitsurugi's critical edge that can be blocked apparently anyone's critical edge can be blocked by what some call a Just Block, where you press the block button right before u get hit. Almost like a parry but simply like the name suggest, just blocking at the right moment. As for the timing to make mitsurugi or anyone else's critical edge unblockable for any matter u need to either launch or bounce ur oppenent depending on the character ur using the combo will be different. With mitsurugi i like to either 3b and then do the critical edge while they are in air, this works with other launch moves for mitsurugi as long as ur in range, or u can do like the move list suggest for combos and do (crouch)1b~b and then insert the critical edge. im sure there is plenty of combonations u could do so just go out there and experiment and see what works with ur style.
sorry for the long post but anyways good luck and have fun!
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sumostickfigure answered:

I don't have a lot of experience with Mitsurugi's Critical Edge, but I'd imagine the problem here is that only one of the strikes are unblockable.
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Ventwig answered:

I know, I thought it was unblockable, but the AI has blocked it!

And I know easy mode Pyrrha didn't just block it - maybe it's just his.
Also, everyone's CE is blockable, but I thought his was, too.
It looks like a fire attack.
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blackart1111 answered:

It's blockable.Just not the second hit,if you watch the corner under your guys name it will show when the attack is unblockable,same with Aeons brave edge.
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