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Asked: 3 years ago

Can't unlock algol?

Ive done everything you need to do really ... Ive completed arcade mode tons of times and even beat extra route twice and never saw him ... i also did tons of quick battles but never saw teramos or the other person you need to beat in order to face algol... Im level 20 atm so idk whats up

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dang man 100 opponnents? I played for awhile but idk how many ive beaten ... How do you get intermediate?

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I found him in quick battle he's ranked C3 or C2.

I've also completely cleared out Beginner and Intermediate(Which Algol is in) so that made him a lot easier to find, lol.

Keep in mind there are well over 100 opponents in Quick Battle, And i think the odd's of him showing up when you have a lot of guys left in there is pretty rare. as i didn't find him till i was almost completely done with C rank opponents.

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1: increase your level to 13+
2: win three battles in a row in Quick Battle
3: do a refined search: Europe, intermediate, new characters first
4: repeat search until TERAMOS appears(that's him)

There are a *TON* of characters in Quick Battle(240), so if he just doesn't seem to want to show up defeat more of those characters in your refined search to increase the odds of him showing up(marginally at least).

Alternate unlock methods?

A: clear Legendary Souls mode
B: reach level 50(or maybe it was 60, my memory is fuzzy on it)
C: defeat the A rank version of him in the Asia side of Quick Battle

I recommend the easier method personally heh. At a C rank he isn't that tough, but remember that he's still frickin' Algol and has even been buffed compared to his SCIV self so you can't afford to go easy on him :P

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Defeated him in quick battle it has to be him you can find him playing under ntermediate i

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Or you can narrow down the search for Teramos...You can go to the Quick Battle thing and limit the search to the the Second Class opponents in Europe. And by class, I mean the difficultly level. Easy is Third, Normal is Second and the top notch guys are the Hard First Class.

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You can also just play until you reach level 31 or one or two more.

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Go to Quick Battle the one you earn titles in, and choose to filter Europe, Intermediate difficulty, new first. Then keep fighting until you get a character called Algol with the same fighting style. You will ean him. This is the fastest way to get him as apposed to winning the tough Legendary Souls mode, or getting to Player Level 31. (Unless your a Multiplayer gamer).

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Do the bonus route, the two last opponements are random and it's there that you can defeat him. You can go in easy and he'll still show up, just don't give up, he'll show up eventually. That method (besides leveling up to 31) is the easiest I know of.

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I fought him at the end of Extra Mode in Arcade and unlocked him that way.

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