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Asked: 3 years ago

Calamity Symphony?

Has anyone had any luck pulling off Ivy's Calamity Symphony? I did it almost flawless in 4 and now that they changed it in V I cant seem to pull it off for the life of me. Any tips?

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My tip for you is try for awhile in training mode like me after I read your question. It took me like 10 minutes before I was able to do it. It is just a very fast input and hitting the towards button 3x is where it was getting me. It said I kept hitting only twice. So yeah, try training mode so you can see what buttons you are hitting.

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I find using the D-Pad and R2 buttons make moves like Calamity Symphony easier. Soulcaliplaya42 does have some good advice

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I actually got it, and can pull it off pretty well and with good timing. Its just annoying :\

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you managed it in IV?! i find that its easier to do in V. I do have to say though, at least its not a just hit.

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