Question from tekkenaddict23

Why does all connections in online all in zero (0)?

I dunno if im the only one experiencing that...

Diviner46 asked for clarification:

I was having the same problem and was wondering if it was my internet or if it was because the game is still getting information about the other player's connection. I didn't dare to play a match because it would definitely make me look like an idiot pressing random buttons if the lag was awful.

I also picked my location so I was surprised that the connection was bad.

Someone please clarify this. Do you enter the room with 3~5 connection bars shown on other players? Also, how long does it take for the connection to load if you see the bars?


Diviner46 answered:

I actually tried it out while having 0 connections and it isn't bad. Other people were saying that I had a 3 bar, so the zero connection might be inaccurate. Just search for people around your area and you'll do just fine, The netcode for this game is very remarkable.
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The-Paiso answered:

I was trying to find 4 & 3 bars players, but i can't.
so i switched my search to "any"
now i can play ranked matches easily, though some time the connection will be lost, but most of the time it is lag-free & playable.
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