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Do moves with Guard Impact Properties affect the "Like a Flowing Stream" Trophy/Achievement?

I use Viola and noticed one of her moves includes GI which is Guard Impact properties. It is < - - B + K and was wondering if performing this move, she does a sidestep and either recalls the orb or sets while avoiding an attack, will count towards that Trophy/Achievement?

Accepted Answer

Miakisaki answered:

"Like a Flowing Stream" is the Just Guard trophy. To do this, you have to press and release X (Guard) within a few frames of an incoming attack. Your character will glow and you will see "Just Guard" on your side of the screen.

"Momentary Pleasure" includes any move with GI properties as well as meter-used Guard Impacts, but it must connect and repel the opponent to count. If you only perform the GI, it doesn't count.
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