Question from Sonicspeed64

Will Dampierre eventually be released as DLC?

I was not able to preorder the game so I have everyone but him. Does anyone know if he will be released as DLC for sure? Because I keep hearing different stories...


Mikey_R answered:

He will be released as DLC, Project Soul have confirmed it themselves.
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Wandrian answered:

A lot of people are expecting it to be the first week of March and that he'll cost $5 USD. There's no proof it's definitely that way, but there's also no proof contrariwise and it makes a lot of sense given what little on-disc DLC is left. The price also makes sense after Yoda/Darth Vader in IV being the same price, though don't be surprised if Bamco decides to charge $6 instead.
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GreedyBastard13 answered:

He is released now. Costs: 400 MS Points.
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DBMONKZERO answered:

He was released AGES ago now.....
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