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Wat are the pionts used for and how do i unlock more weapons?


IronChef_Kirby answered:

Points are used for increasing your Player Level. Increasing your Player Level unlocks more weapons.
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Wandrian answered:

Get enough points and your level rises. The amount of player points required to level up starts at 100 and gradually increases until it reaches the requirement of 1800.

As you level up you'll unlock things you otherwise couldn't access or just access faster:
-characters and styles
-weapons for customization
-armor/clothing for customization
-patterns/stickers/picture frames for customization
-titles for the player card

You unlock another title at almost every single level, all armor/clothing is unlocked once you hit level 52, all weapons at level 53, all stages at level 67(I may have the level incorrect; but near that nonetheless), and beyond that just more patterns/stickers/picture frames every few levels.
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