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Differences and my opinions (lol?)

Ok, let me get crackin'

Soul Calibur IV messed up creations in my opinion by tacking on effects with each piece of clothing, armor, accessory, etc. Is that still in this game? I feel it really ruins the freedom of your own creation when you have to be concerned about what does what.

Next question; back in Soul Calibur III (my favorite in the series that I've played) created characters had their own custom classes. This was probably the best part of the creations aspect in my opinion. When creating our own custom characters, are we forced to use the main roster characters move sets again? I miss using the kunai as a ninja. :( Alot of the other styles were fun too.

Finally, Critical Finishes, they were a step in the right direction. I like a flashy finish as much as the next gamer lol. However, I found them too annoying to execute. What's the point of using some supreme finisher if you're already winning? Something like that should really only be useable on the brink of defeat. Gives the losing party a chance for a comeback. Anyway, the actual question is: Are the Critical Finishes in this game? If they are, are they still as annoying to execute?

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Nice to see we can customize without worry again. Devil Jin is in this game? Wtf? lol. I saw nothing of that.. I need to do more research then I guess >.> And I'm not much of a Street Fighter fan, so that doesn't help me lol. I know Street Fighter is known for those complicated button inputs for special moves, is that what you mean?


sumostickfigure answered:

No, you don't get any special abilities for putting on certain equipment in this game.

The only "weapon" that's exclusive to created characters in this game is Devil Jin's moveset.

No, Critical Finishes have been replaced by Critical Edges. Critical Edges are basically the same thing as Street Fighter IV's super or ultra combos.
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Blaise97 answered:

Critical Finishes WERE a pain to try to use, you either don't use or die trying to use it. Though in Broken Destiny it was much easier to execute. I think it was perfect in Broken destiny though.

Soulcalibur III was the last awesome game in the series so far, I miss Revenant's moves. I hate the concept that a Custom character MUST copy someone else's style. It's not very innovative, whereas in III it was perfect.

I think the BE system is pointless. Like how Sieg and Cervantes no longer have their best oves but instead they get different crappier moves that shouldn't even BE a BE (gibbering torpedo, and Sieg's running hilt for example). Personally, if to have a system like that you have to cut out 48% of their best moves, then They shouldn't do it. PLus even the so called Critical Edges that are supposed to be their strongest move by itself is not really decent. Cervantes' is a lame gunshot that he's already got, and it does 40 damage while everyone else's CEs do at least 100 DMG.

PS: And Devil Jin is actually from Tekken, though, but not that I care.
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