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Hints for beat legendary souls?

The first round is against Kilik, he is really overpowered, every time in close to beat him, that bastard uses some kinda of critical edge, any ideas?
P.S(If I beat legendary souls, I win some unlockable?)

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Darkflare_EX answered:

Actually, Kilik is as powerful as if the player picked him and he's using Xiba's style, but his AI is very tough and can be pretty cheap with it knowing your button inputs and countering it as such. This is the case with all the opponents in Legendary Souls and they're all just as hard.

There's no reward for completing Legendary Souls other than braggin rights and the only throphy associated with that mode simply requires you to beat any opponent with a Brave Edge move.
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Mikey_R answered:

Get better at the game. LS is meant to be really really hard and test your knowledge of the game. You have to punish when you can, know when to block, don't mess up combo chances etc.

That's about as much as I can say since you never even said which character you use as a main.
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