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Asked: 2 years ago

No Kilik?

Is kilik not in SC5

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From: Durithill 2 years ago

Kilik was mostly replaced by Xiba in this installment of Soul Calibur, however if you go to the arcade and fight him (the Asian route may be the best to do this) then you unlock him as a playable character. However he does not use Kilik style. Instead, he acts like Olcadan and Charades did in previous installments (in order word he switches weapon style every round).

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Yeah you need to beat him in arcade mode!

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Yes. Killik is playable in the way mentioned above (Find and beat him in arcade mode) and you'll unlock him. However he's a mimic charcter, however he only mimics the guys. Elysium (Spoiler: Soul Calibur in Sophita's form) does the same for women and Edge master for both.

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Kilik is playable as a character after you clear the Asian route in arcade mode, as he is the final boss of that route. He is similar now to edge master in that he changes styles every round. He will only change his style to male characters however. Elysium does the same for female characters.

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