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Fastest way to eran XP Points?

Whats the fastest way for leveling up and earning XP points?

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Watch the following video:

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This question has already been answered man. Just go through arcade on easy for player level. You'll get around 100 to 130 points per fight, and you'll get an extra 200 for finishing it. That's the FASTEST way to level up currently.

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What Shuraba said, Easy Arcade mode,
but I've read that you can map Horizontal (A), [] on a PS3 controller to X,
and just keep pressing while you watch TV >:)

Also, if you don't have Algol, play extra route!

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So much easier and faster than playing arcade.

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I found the Arcade Easy good way.

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You could just finish quick battle. My brother reached level 54 doing quick battle.

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Okay, so here are my tips:
1. Go on Arcade Mode under standard difficulty (route doesn't matter), because it will give you 120-140 exp.
2. Use Siegfried and abuse Flapjack, Overtoss, Rock Splitter, and Maelstrom. The first two are very useful to easily Ring Out the opponents.
3. Try to use Critical Edge on Point Blank position, so the opponent won't have enough time to guard.

You will receive 200 exp in the end.

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