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All All Questions for SoulCalibur V.

Enemy/Boss Help Answers
How do I beat Kilik? 2
Hints for beat legendary souls? 2
How do I beat soul calibur in story mode? 1

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
Have a hard time2? 1
Have a hard time? 3

Plot/Storyline Help Answers
What does Z.W.E.I and E.I.N stand for? 2

Other Help Answers
Calamity Symphony? 4
Can I use money in my PSN account for the Cepheus Store? 1
Can we use the DLC in offline mode? 1
Can't unlock algol? 8
Cepheus Compatibility Pack 1-7 ? 2
Custom recipes? 2
Differences and my opinions (lol?) 2
Fastest Input? 1
Fastest way to eran XP Points? 6
How many arcade modes are there? 4
Is the DLC region locked? 4
Japanese characters in Soul Calibur 5 character creation mode? 1
Question? 2
When Dampierre dlc is going to be released in Europe? 1
When is the Cepheus compatibility pack for PSN Asia? 1
Why does all connections in online all in zero (0)? 2
Will Dampierre eventually be released as DLC? 4
(Who is the Master that can be unlocked at level 25 ?) 1
Alternate method of Unlocking Secret Characters? 1
Are the armors only breakable outside training mode? 2
At what level do you have all the character creation items? 1
Can You Change The Stages and Stage Music For Arcade? 1
Can you copy your save file? 1
Can you transfer custom characters? 1
CAS orc face? 1
Character Bios? 2
Character inquiry? 1
Character Pics To Facebook? 1
Do online fights(Ranked or otherwise) help player level? 2
Does this game push the limits of how much clevage can be shown in a t rated game? 6
How do I equip titles in Quick Battle? 1
How do I unlock Legendary Souls mode? 2
How do I unlock the remainder of the Leviathan set? 1
How do you change weapons? 2
How do you register rivals? 3
How do you taunt in this game? 1
How long is the story mode? 3
How to unlock algol? 3
How to unlock Dampierre? 1
Is Ezio's moveset unlockable for creation? 2
Is scythe style playable for Created chars? 1
Is there a console exclusive character like in past SC games? 3
Is there a way to keep equipment from breaking? 2
is there any Penalty for getting d/c or deciding to leave the battle? 1
Is there any way to change the round time in versus mode to unlimited? 1
Is there anything such as a SURVIVAL MODE? 1
Is there going to be a create a character mode? 2
Is this game easy to play without a fight stick? 3
Isn't Patrokulus' the same voice actor as Sasuke? 1
Missing BGM Track? 1
No Kilik? 4
Off line records? 2
Patroklos' ridiculous grab??? 2
Question regarding save...? 1
Quick battle missing title? 1
SCIV Custom Characters?? 1
Soul Calibur & Soul Edge (Male) Unlockable? 2
Soul Calibur 5 DLC for more fighting styles? 2
Unlocking for souls? 1
what happened to Seung Mina? 5
What is the max player level? 1
When will Dampierre be released? 2
[How] Can you control the opening phrase your custom character uses? 2

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