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How do I get Goku fighting style and his hair?

How do I get Goku's Fighting Style, his hair, no tail, and SSJ Aura for Hero Mode?

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Additional Questions: How do I get Goku and Vegeta as my Master?

And Who is the final boss?

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LanzerDragoon3x answered:

Goku's fighting style is recieved from completing his training

The hairstyle in game is Bardock's and is recieved before the fight with the final boss

Ssj Aura I believe is recieved from Vegeta's training

I don't believe there is an option to remove the saiyan tail
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KaijinSurohm answered:

For the tail, the best you can do is select a diffrent outfit.
So far, the Sayian Armor wraps the tail around you like a belt, but past that, the tail is permanent.
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LanzerDragoon3x answered:

The final boss is ultimate shenron

Advance the story and you will recieve goku and vegeta as masters
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