Question from DurtyJackal

Can you max out the stats on a created Character?

My stats stop going up after a while. So i was wondering is there a way to make start going back up?

Zenkuhoshi asked for clarification:

Are you training or fighting actual random/hero mode fights?

Zenkuhoshi asked for clarification:

Also go to your capsule box and check the status option of non of your stats are S then you have not hit max stats yet.

Tons_of_Fun23 asked for clarification:

I'm Having the same problem i beat hero mode with my standard hero and i got 2 S rank, 1 A rank, and the rest are B rank, but i played all the battle points and the tournament and re-best all the story missions but it wont go any higher can anyone tell me why and if im doing something wrong?


FinalJango answered:

Yup all the way up to S
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