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LOL Master Why can't i undestand you?

Ok i may have ask other questions about Master but Im lost on what kind of status do you get from them like ughhhh i mean yes i see status there bardock give you Melee Attack +6 Ki Blast + 6 Super Attack +3 Chain Attack +4 Super Attack -4 i think i got it right....but i dont understand how cause i get "AP" or Exp and i jus dont understand the stauts and how your master give you better status so can some one help me understand this better? thanks

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Also Hmmmmm how many times do I have to Play hero mode to unlock all the skills and super attacks/ultimate attacks like do i need to play as the standerd and small and Big character?


RequiemGundam answered:

Your status is your character's overall strength without any bonuses from items or master skills
By adding Items you can increase a certain stat and a Master Skill will increase multiple stats

Its your job to see what items and Master Skills you want your character to have

And yes, you do need to play using every hero type to unlock everything, but the masters, styles and attacks will not transfer over to another hero, only items will transfer
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