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Is ssj5 goku in this game?

I no he isnt cannon but neither is ssj4 and its in this so

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PikaFiend answered:

The difference between SSJ4 being non-canon and SSJ5 being non-canon is one is acknowledged by Akira Toriyama (Not created by, the most he did on GT was consulting and such) and the other is purely a fan creation.

That is why you'll never, ever, see SSJ5 in a Dragonball game or series, unless of course Akira swallows his pride and expands on Z himself.
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RequiemGundam answered:

Super Saiyan 5 isn't cannon nor is it real, it was an April Fool's joke, hence the AF
Super Saiyan 4 was created and approved by Akira Toriyama himself
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ultimatessaiyan answered:

In wat game b4 this 1 was ssj5 in? He aint real 2 the games or the show although bulma did mesoin ssj5 when she told vegeta she could turn him in2 a sj4
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PikaFiend answered:

...Bulma mentioning SSJ5 makes no difference, since all of DBGT is non-canon, essentially a 60 episode what-if story.
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Rhien123 answered:

Yes he is all you have to do is beat every fight in story node and hero mode on the highest difficulty 5 times without losing any life.
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ChrestomanciCat answered:

SSJ5 is a fake, it was never part of the original manga and was only a april fools joke hence the name AF. As for SSJ4 it too is only a anime transformation and not a original one from the manga. Also since the events of Dragonball Online make the events of gt never happen SSJ4 shouldnt be in here at all.
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