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How do I beat baby?

How do I beat baby in hero mode when the triangle button appears

Laszlo86 provided additional details:

Yes it is and I have a turbo controller and it's still not fast enough with me pressing the button repeatedly to

Laszlo86 provided additional details:

It's where he shoots that big energy ball at you


chufomaster answered:

Is it Where he holds you in his hands? Then you have to keep pressing triangle not just one time but multiple times? hope this helps:)
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RequiemGundam answered:

Your button mashing skills are weak
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glenn_vs answered:

I keep my controler in my left hand and i mash the button with my right index finger. it never failed so far.
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wasif12345 answered:

You don't know how to use a turbo controller. Press the mode button. Then when the triangle appears hold the turbo button and smash like your life depends on it.
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