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Open Questions

Quest/Puzzle Help status answers
Created character transformations? Open 2
How do I solve (tutorial)? Open 3
Item Help status answers
Are there any more Flame Auras? Open 3
Are There Items Involving Spirit? Open 2
Can you get SSJ4 arua? Open 2
Dragonball? Open 1
Hero mode? Open 3
how do i collect the DBalls After i beat the entire story mode?? Open 3
How do i get a red Aura? Open 1
How do I get imperfect cell's aura? Open 1
How do i get more skills??? Open 1
How do i get the other characters? Open 1
How do I unlock remaining 2 movies? Open 3
How do I use the Character Customization Items? Open 1
How do you use SSJ in Hero Mode? Open 3
How to aquip accessories? Open 1
How to Unlock this? Open 1
Lighting Sword Slash with standard hero? Open 2
Majin Vegetas auro? Open 1
Need help finding to dragon balls 5 and 6? Open 1
Outfit & Hairstyle unlocks only useable by the character who unlocked it? Open 1
Skill Sets!? Open 1
Where can I find (dragonballs)? Open 2
Where can I find (hair styles)? Open 3
Where can I find all the dragonballs? Open 1
Where can I find meteor blast and meteor impact? Open 1
Where can i find minds eye? Open 1
Where can I find more Dragon Balls? Open 1
Where can I find Omega Blaster in hero mode? Open 3
Where can I find Sayin armor in hero mode? Open 2
Where can I find Super Janemba as a master ? Open 1
Where can I find the Big Bang Kamehameha, Final Kamehameha and Full Power Big Bang Kamehameha for a Standard Character? Open 3
Where can I find the last 2 stars dragon ball? Open 1
Where can I find ultimate attacks? Open 2
Where is Buu's Free Roam Dragon Ball? Open 1
Why is there no lists for...? Open 1
Wolf Fang Fist? Open 1
Level Help status answers
AP glitch? Open 2
How do I do a online battle? Open 1
Perfect level up methods ? Open 1
Stuck as vegeta? Open 1
Plot Help status answers
Master doesnt give AP Why??? Open 3
Other Help status answers
20X Kaioken Kamehameha? Open 3
Can I get different moves from doing training I already completed? Open 2
Can someone give a list of accessories i can get in hero mode? Open 2
Can someone give a list of hair,clothes, etc....i can get in hero mode? Open 1
Can someone give me a list of all possible masters for standard, heavy, and light based hero? Open 2
Can the Customized Characters be playable on Story Mode? Open 1
Can ur hero learn the kamehameha wave if so where ? Open 1
Can you max out the stats on a created Character? Open 1
Can you switch between english and japanese voices on the european version? Open 1
Charachter rooster, please??? Open 1
Does goku only have 3 costumes? Open 1
Dragon Ball Z ultimate tenkaichi? Open 4
Fusions? Open 2
Hero characters on different account? Open 1
Hero! Transform? Open 2
how do i better raise my Chain effect? Open 1
How do i summon shenron? Open 1
How do u increase ur power level? Open 2
How do u transform into ssj1? I beat piccolo now im having trouble transforming? Open 3
How do you unlock meteor combination for your created character? Open 3
How do you use your hero in story mode? Open 2
How much store credit would i get if i trade in dbz ultimate tenckaichi? Open 1
How To Farm Points in Hero Mode? Open 10
How To Unlock? Open 1
Im missing the last to videos in DBZUT How do I unlock them? Open 3
In Hero mode.. When you select a master's skill set.. Does it make your Character weaker? Open 2
Is there a way to create a girl on this game? Open 4
Is this game worth getting? Open 4
Is this worth getting? Open 1
Japanese Soundtracks!? Open 1
Offline Battle Question? Open 2
Other help - saibamen/cell jr.? Open 1
Question about Hero characters? Open 1
Status Bars Help? Open 2
Team Battle? Open 1
Unlocking Gohan as a master? Open 2
US/Original English Voices? Open 1
What costumes does goku have in this game? Open 2
What is the best/worst character to use online and why? Open 2
What r those 2 crcles in the middle of the screen that turns purple or green when meleeing?????? Open 1
When you summon the dragon with on charter on story mode do you have to use a other person? Open 1
Whera can i order this game VERY CHEAP (under 45 dollars)? Open 2
Where do i get the saiyan armor and vegetas hairstyle? Open 4
Will Goku have Super Kaioken ? Open 3
Will this be released in Australia? Open 2

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