Andorid #16 (voice)Jeremy Inman
Android #17 (voice)Chuck Huber
Android #18 (voice)Colleen Clinkenbeard
Android #19 (voice)Todd Haberkorn
Bardock (voice)Sonny Strait
Broly (voice)Vic Mignogna
Bulma (voice)Monica Rial
Burter (voice)Vic Mignogna
Captain Ginyu (voice)R. Bruce Elliot
Cell (voice)Travis Willingham
Cell Jr. (voice)Justin Cook
Cui (voice)Bill Townsley
Dende (voice)Maxey Whitehead
Dodoria (voice)John Swasey
Dr. Gero (voice)Kent Williams
Elder Kai (voice)Kent Williams
Frieza (voice)Chris Ayres
Gohan (voice)Kyle Hebert
Goku (voice)Sean Schemmel
Goten (voice)Kara Edwards
Grandfather Gohan (voice)Christopher Sabat
Great Ape (Baby) (voice)Vic Mignogna
Great Ape (Vegeta) (voice)Christopher Sabat
Great Ape (voice)Shane Ray
Hercule (voice)Chris Rager
Hero: Childish (voice)Luci Christian
Hero: Cocky (voice)Marcus Mauldin
Hero: Cool (voice)Ian Sinclair
Hero: Crazy (voice)Bryan Massey
Hero: Energetic (voice)Josh Grelle
Hero: Evil (voice)Joel Mcdonald
Hero: Silent (voice)Jason Douglas
Hero: Teenager (voice)Leah Clark
Hirudegarn (voice)Christopher Sabat
Janemba (voice)Kent Williams
Jiece (voice)Jason Liebrecht
Kibito (voice)Chuck Huber
Kid Buu (voice)Josh Martin
Kid Gohan (voice)Colleen Clinkenbeard
Kid Trunks (voice)Laura Bailey
King Kai (voice)Sean Schemmel
Krillin (voice)Sonny Strait
Majin Buu (voice)Josh Martin
Meta-Cooler Core (voice)Andrew Chandler
Nappa (voice)Phil Parsons
Narration (voice)Doc Morgan
Omega Shenron (voice)Christopher Sabat
Piccolo (voice)Christopher Sabat
Play-By-Play Announcer (voice)John Swasey
Porunga (voice)Christopher Sabat
Raditz (voice)Justin Cook
Recoome (voice)Christopher Sabat
Saibamen (voice)John Burgmeier
Shenron (voice)Christopher Sabat
Super Buu (voice)Justin Cook
Super JanembaKent Williams
Supreme Kai (voice)Kent Williams
Tien (voice)John Burgmeier
Trunks (voice)Eric Vale
Ultimate Shenron (voice)Christopher Sabat
Vegeta (voice)Christopher Sabat
Videl (voice)Kara Edwards
World Tournament Announcer (voice)Eric Vale
Yajirobe (voice)Mike McFarland
Yamcha (voice)Christopher Sabat
Zarbon (voice)J. Michael Tatum


Data and credits for this game contributed by Henry Beams, ambar_hitman, mocha, oliist, Mookiethebold, and tvmasterdoodles.

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