Question from Darth_Umbrus

Asked: 2 years ago

Why wont it let me upload my CAW?

I FINALLY managed to get onto the CC servers, but the game isn't acknowledging my CAW that I want to upload for my friends.

Is it the custom logos I made for him?

Is my CAW locked somehow?

Can someone give me a hand?

Additional details - 2 years ago

I get that the servers are still crap. I mean that I made two CAWs, and when I go to upload them, The game doesn't recognize that I made them. It tells me that no custom superstars exist and to go to WWE creations to make some. Any idea WTF that's about?

Accepted Answer

From: Darth_Umbrus 2 years ago

The CAW had DLC Moves... That's why it wouldn't upload

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Submitted Answers


CC Server is still down from the overload of uploads and downloads. I still can't upload the arena I made. You can play online sometimes but it will be a bit longer before we can upload/download.

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