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Asked: 3 years ago

How do I use the new breaking point submission system?

every time I use Undertaker or Daniel Bryan or John Cena for example because they are submission specialists,the breaking point submission appears,how do I make someone tap out?

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All you have to do is hold on to the grapple button for PS3 it's X, then when you get breaking point mode you have to repeatedly keep pressing one button like X or Square

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Remember do submisons on damaged bodyparts

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u just damage their bodyparts and push all the triangle, square,x and o. For example, u are using john cena and u need to keep damage the leg part and finally give him a S TFU. This is my method, hope that can help u,

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Press all the button repeatedly.... AXO[].... Make sure that the enemy is badly hurt in the area ur submission move is all about.. ex. label lock ( HEAD) .... Walls of jericho (BODY)... Just try hard.... It may take long but try to practice it

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