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Frozen please wait screen! Help? 0
How long do the injured stay injured? 0
(creaHow can i unlock the rock?. Want to know all the ways. I don't have the codes to unlock it.te your own question) 3
Amazon promotion code trouble? 1
Are there going to be anymore superstars that are going to be released for download besides the one out now? 1
Camacho CAW? 1
Can somebody explain control types B, C, and D? 1
Can you do moves to the out side of the ring? 2
Capitol letters on controllers ? 1
Championship on the line? 1
Created characters in tag teams? 1
Custom arena ramps? 1
Custom logo on CAW??? 1
Dashing Cody Rhodes Entrance? 2
Grand slam champion? 3
Help plz? 1
Help with my caw? 1
How are you able to steal your opponent's finnisher move? 1
How can i start a story line in wwe universe mode? 1
How do I control my 619??? 5
How do I disable certain people that I don't want in the universe..??? 1
How do I do come back move and the first running grapple?? 2
How do i help get my disconect penalty lower? 1
How do i unlock the all the characters? 1
How do u kick out of a pin? Been getting pinned every time i try. 2
How long does it take for an injured superstar to get uninjured in universe mode? 1
I unlocked Brock Lesnar, but he is not on the selection screen.? 2
i've won all titles in Universe mode, i've yet to get the trophies for the titles has anyone else had this problem? 1
Injury? 1
Interfere??? 3
Is the Kane dlc free? 2
Is there superstar's thread on here ? 1
Multiple matches in highlight reel? 1
Online Question? 3
Picking Characters Not in Match Yet? 1
PS3 vs 360 versions? 2
RTWM (created character) freezes when I reach this point? 3
RTWM Hero Story Problem? 21
Sable and moveset? 1
Superstars on/off in edit a brand? 1
What is the purpose of "favorites" in the CAW move-list menu? 1
What's the code for the casket match for the ps3? 1
When WWE 12 Will Come Out For Ps2? 2
Wheres community creations? 1
Wrestlemania help? 1
WWE 12 codes? 1
44 Finisher points backstage? 1
Can anyone provide advice for the elimination chamber stage in RTWM? 1
Can you do 4 on 4 elimination tag matches? 2
Chris jericho? 1
Custom entrance music? 2
Dlc?? 1
How do I attain the Merciless Attack trophy? 1
How do I unlock Ax and Smash DEMOLITION? 3
How do i unlock the champion of champions belt? 1
How do i unlock the Divas? 2
How do i unlock the world tag team championship? 1
How do you place an opponent on top of a table? 1
How to you injure Kelly Kelly? 1
Imput from SvR 2008 (PS2)? 1
Is it possible to create or edit a superstar to make he/she have all 100 in attributes? 2
Is it worth buying? 1
Jeff hardy? 4
Move Set set and Entrance Cheat Sheet? 2
Stone Cold and Goldust? 2
Training Facility? 1
What button(s) you use to lock in submission moves? 2
What does the overall in universe do? 1
Will Jacob Cass overwrite one of my CAWs? 2
You've got fans! Trophy help, please? 1

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