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Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner
Boss FAQ: Version 1.0
By Unknown Lore (


Welcome to my first FAQ posted on GameFAQ?s. The game (of course) is Zone of
the Enders: The 2nd Runner. This FAQ listed the bosses of this game as well as
strategies that can be used to defeat them. Please note that I have posted my
email address above, and I would only like PRODUCTIVE comments about my FAQ. No
flaming, insults, harassment etc. Also, this FAQ is TOTALLY devoted to
GameFAQ?s, and I will not allow any other sites to use or copy it.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Table of Contents <-- you are here :)
3. The Characters
4. The Bosses
5. Revision History
6. Special Thanks

The Characters

Dingo Egret
Frame: Jehuty
Type: Hero

Dingo Egret was once in league with the evil forces of BAHRAM, a notorious
force that was bent on domination. When Dingo and his squad were ordered to
transfer an unknown cargo to BAHRAM headquarters, they were ambushed by rebel
forces from Mars. They were hopelessly outnumbered, and Dingo was the only one
that survived the attack. Now, he has abandoned BAHRAM, hoping to shut them out
of his life completely. However, one day he finds the Orbital Frame Jehuty...

Frame: She IS a frame.
Type: Hero

Jehuty?s main computer. ADA helps Dingo out on various bosses or puzzles,
giving him hints but never the exact answer.

Frame: Anubis
Type: Villain

The big bad guy of Z.O.E. 2 (Teehee! His voice sounds like Mojo Jojo from the
Powerpuff Girls!) A few years before, he had raided the Jupiter Space Colony of
Atlantia. His goal was to find the two most powerful Orbital Frames in
existence. He found only one. His frame, Anubis, is Jehuty?s ?brother,? but
Jehuty has yet to unlock it?s true power, as Anubis has.

Ken Marinaris
Frame: Ardjet
Type: Villain then Hero

Mmmmm... here name sounds like marinara sauce...*drools* Oh, uh sorry,
heheh...ummmm, okay. Ken currently is in league with BAHRAM, but she is really
just a soldier in revolt. When she encounters Dingo on the BAHRAM flagship
after you defeat her, Nohman appears and shoots Dingo with more than enough
bullets (that scene is GO-RY!) Ken takes his body and makes a little
?experiment.? When Ken revives Dingo, she tells him he will die if he leaves
Jehuty, the very source of his life force.

Leo Stenbuck
Frame: Vic Viper
Type: Partial Villain then Hero

Leo Stenbuck is the former runner of Jehuty, the Orbital Frame said to have the
power to destroy BAHRAM?s secret weapon. Knowing that Jehuty would
self-destruct in the core of the weapon, Leo hid Jehuty in a place where no one
would find it. Or so he thought...

Viola AI
Frame: Nephtis

She?s badder. She?s meaner. She?s stronger. She?s baaack. Viola was the current
bad guy (or girl) of Z.O.E. 1. She led the main attack on Atlantia, searching
for Jehuty. And she finds him. The only problem is, Leo is running it. The
climax builds up and they fight in the end and WHAM! Nephtis gets blown out a
window, gets disable, and burns up in Jupiter?s atmosphere, with Viola inside.
Well, it turns out she hasn?t had enough. Nohman has somehow created a Viola
battle AI, and sicks her on Jehuty. Seriously, this gal does NOT give up.

Frame: Inhert
Type: I have NO idea. You fight him, and he?s with BAHRAM, but he helps you

Lloyd is one of BAHRAM?s top scientists, probably in the field of Frame
Enhancement. He doesn?t have much of a point in the game though. He used to be
Dingo?s friend until he left. Now Dingo needs to find Lloyd to bring out
Jehuty?s true power.

The Bosses

Here is the boss section. It lists the bosses and their weaknesses. Follow
these tactics, and you can be almost invincible!

Boss #1: Ardjet
Pilot: Ken Marinaris
Difficulty: Easy

This boss is fairly easy (OF COURSE! WHO EVER HEARD OF A HARD FIRST BOSS?)
Ardjet starts out with her shield up. Now is the time to stay at medium range
with Jehuty. Her main attack now is her Wisp Missiles. When you see a bunch of
red projectiles swirling around Ardjet, DEFEND. These little buggers can do
tons of damage when all of them hit you. First of all, Ardjet takes your
defending state to close in with her sword. Back away while still defending,
and when the Wisp danger has passed, dash over to her and slash away. Her blade
is slow and easy to see, so defending, dodging, or crossing blades (that means
slashing at her sword when she slashes, causing a automatic stun to both
opponents.) When she takes enough damage, she?ll put her shield back up and
fire shots and Wisps at you for awhile, so just wait patiently for her to close
in. When she gets into the yellow portion of her health, Ardjet will introduce
a new attack. THE BEAM! It?s easy to notice this attack as well, but it?s a
helluva lot more damaging. You?ll recognize this attack when Ardjet covers
herself with a bunch of metal. Electric charges will surround her as she
prepares the beam. Take this opportunity to ?short-dash.? The short-dash is a
special technique where you rapidly press the dash button but never hold it
down. How this works is when you first dash, Jehuty gets a special boost to
start off. But if you use this boost rapidly, you can go almost twice as fast
as a normal dash. Anywho, short-dash around Ardjet. This messes her aim up and
she can?t get a good lock on you before she fires. If you get hit by the
attack, it does A LOT of damage and knocks you back a bit. When Ardjet is
recovering from the energy loss, you can dash over to her and slash away. When
her health bar turns pink, she uses the beam more frequently and she rarely
lets her shield down. Just take the advantage of the energy loss and beat the
crap outta her. When her health is gone, there is a cool matrix scene of Ardjet
falling to the ground (SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!)

Boss #2: Nephtis
Pilot: Viola AI
Difficulty: Very Easy

This boss is even more simple than the first. The battleground is a simple
futuristic chamber in the BAHRAM ship. The tactic here is simple. Nephtis has
an energy shield and A LOT of speed. Her shield prevents any energy attacks
from damaging her, and she is so fast you can?t hit her with your physical
attack. The only option now is to get a long range physical attack. ADA will
instruct you to find something to throw at Nephtis. There are a few poles on
the ground near the large pillars in each corner of the room. Switch your sub
weapon to Grab and pick up the pole. Lock on to Nephtis and wait until she is
standing still. Feel free to dash when you see a shot coming your way. The pole
does not subtract anything temporarily. When you are locked on and when Nephtis
is standing still, throw the pole using the O button. If it hits, a small
portion of her health will be diminished. The second time around, Nephtis gets
a little more furious. Just dodge out of the way when she shoots at you and
throw the second pole. If it hits, another cool cinema will show up, shooting a
scene where Nephtis gets impaled on the pole and gets stuck on the wall. Easy,
huh? Wait for the next boss.

Boss #3: Anubis
Pilot: Nohman
Difficulty: Impossible

Don?t even try. DON?T EVEN TRY! Why? Because you aren?t supposed to. Anubis, as
of now, is invincible. If you are VERY lucky, you might get in ONE hit, but
that is all. Just sit there and get pummeled, or you can go down fighting. If
you are using cheats and you win this fight, your game will probably tweak out
and freeze. NEVER BEAT THE UNBEATABLE, say?s I.

Boss #4: Vic Viper
Pilot: Leo Stenbuck
Difficulty: Medium

Enter Leo Stenbuck, former pilot of Jehuty. But now, Z.O.E. 1 veterans will be
disappointed in Leo?s new state. His Frame, Vic Viper, looks pretty cool, but
is fairly easy. The only tough part about him is his flying mode. The flying
mode is where Leo?s Frame transforms into a small ship, creating a fast, mobile
opponent with lots of fire power. When Vic Viper is in flying mode, he has
three main attacks. Here they are:

1: Laser: This is the primary attack of Leo?s flying mode. It is easy to spot
in the red environment, due to its blue color. Just short-dash out of the way.

2: Missile: This attack has moderate attack power but no homing capabilities.
Short-dash to avoid.

3: Ripple: Ripple is flying Vic Viper?s strongest attack. This move sends out a
large sonic beam across the battlefield, preferably in your direction. Though
it may seem like you can go through it?s middle, Jehuty is to large to go
through without getting hit. It can do some nice damage if all of the Ripples
hit you, so short-dashing makes things easier.

While avoiding attacks, your objective is to do as much damage as possible to
convert Vic Viper to fighting mode. The best choice here is a homing attack.
That means the eight-way laser. Try to use it when Vic Viper is flying
overhead. The closer he is, the more likely it will hit. Keep dashing and
avoiding attacks while using the homing laser. Remember, ALWAYS use the laser
when Vic Viper is overhead. If you miss, you are losing valuable time to dodge
attacks while Jehuty is executing the laser. After enough damage, Vic Viper
will change to fighting mode. Not much to say here. He has a damaging burst
attack, but that can be solved with some close-range melee. He rarely guards,
and if you keeping dealing out punishment, he won?t have a lot of time to
execute a combo. Where did all of his fighting skills from Z.O.E. 1 go? Oh
well. Keep slashing away with Jehuty. Pretty soon Vic Viper will morph back
into flying mode after sayin something weird. Anywho, if you got Vic?s health
somewhere in between yellow and pink, Vic will summon some little blue balls
(...) that help him fire multiple lasers, Ripples, and those red rockets (!!!
Something?s wrong here!!!) With triple the attacks in one, Vic can get a bit
harder. Triple Ripple is a constant threat and its triple hard to avoid. Try to
short-dash upwards, so you don?t have to head sideways to face the possibility
that one of the Ripples will catch up to you. Just keep using homing lasers in
flying mode and stay at close range in fighting mode. With patience, you should
beat this boss with no problems.

Boss #5: Nephtis 2
Pilot: Viola AI
Difficulty: Easy

Man, she won?t give up. Nephtis still has her shield, so its still not a fair
fight. Now that there are no poles, you are forced to take drastic measures.
Nephtis has all of her same attacks from the previous battle, and one new one.
This is extra hard to avoid, even with short-dash. The attack is where she
takes that little yellow halo on her back, puts it in front of her and charges.
This can do some damage, but it is also the only way to beat her. What you must
do is set the sub weapon to grab, pick up the little satellites on the big
poles around the arena, and block while locked on to Nephtis. When she charges,
she should hit the dish, and her shield should be disabled. She will be stunned
temporarily, so take this time to attack her with all you got. After a few hits
or seconds, she will come back online and attack to, but now that she doesn?t
have her shield, WHO?S DA GIRL NOW?! ( No offense, Dingo.) Nephtis takes some
punishment before putting her shield back up, so dish out as much as possible.
After she starts her  range thing again, grab another dish and block again.
Repeat the process until Nephtis? health is down to 3/4. Then, the real fight

Boss #6: Nephtis 3
Pilot: Viola AI
Difficulty: Hard

I HATE this part. The good thing is, she has her health from the last fight, so
it should take less time. Nephtis rams Jehuty into a city and places an energy
shield around the arena. She pushes Jehuty into the shield and the fight
starts. When it does, immediately dash forward. Every second you spend on that
shield you take damage. That to is an advantage. Nephtis has her shield on, so
there are two ways to defeat this Nephtis.

1: First, you can wait till Nephtis charges up for her charge attack. Get up
against a shield but not on it. Get ready to short-dash. When Nephtis charges,
short-dash outta the way and get ready to attack. With luck, Nephtis should ram
into the shield, causing her to get stunned and taking continuous damage. Dash
over and start slashing. Burst attacks don?t work very well here. Just keep
slashing until she gets off the shield. Also, be careful not to get stuck in
the shield yourself.

2: You can use Gauntlet. This is a bit harder in my opinion. Get out the
Gauntlet sub weapon and fire it constantly, never letting Nephtis get out of
you aim. When you get her close to a wall, keep firing and don?t let up. With
some luck, you can push her into the shield. Slash away. Boom.

Nephtis has no new attacks, but the small area and the dangerous outskirts pose
a serious threat. Keep following either one of these tactics and you just might
emerge as the victor.

Boss #7: Nephtis 4
Pilot: Viola AI
Difficulty: Medium

What...what the...but she...blew up... Oh well. This is WAY easier.
The arena is a circular with a fat pillar in the middle, and many floors which
you can blow up. Nephtis is accompanied by a bunch of Frames called Clods. They
tend to grab you to hold you at the mercy of your current tormentor. But, they
too, like almost everything else, work to your advantage. Nephtis starts out by
attacking Jehuty for awhile. Nothing new here. Then she usually dashes around
behind the pillar so you can?t see her. Take this opportunity to select Grab,
dash behind a Clod nearby and grab it. Next, put your back to the wall quickly
and watch both halls around you. Nephtis can come through either one. When you
hear Nephtis say something like ?Im coming!? look at either hall and lock on to
Nephtis, who should be in the entrance to one of them. Use the Clod as a shield
and presto! Nephtis will use charge and destroy the Clod, but also her own
shield ( temporarily.) Now that you can attack her, do so. The melee is the
same here, but she is a little more ferocious ( bad kitty!) When you run out of
Clods on one floor, blow up the platform beneath you and head down to the next
one, with a full complement of angry Clods. Keep grabbing, blocking and
slashing away at the disabled Nephtis. When her health gets low, Nephtis  can
dash around the pillar but also come back the way she came, tricking you. Be
cautious about her, even though she is a bit easy.

Boss #8: Ardjet 2
Difficulty: Fairly Hard

well. Time to finish this once and for all. There are two health bars above.
One is Ardjet?s and the other is Viola?s. The point here is to NOT kill Ardjet
but to delete the AI. The way you can do this is to grab her. But how? Here?s
how. First, Ardjet starts off by attacking with her sword. You must stun her by
crossing blades. If you don?t remember what that is, I?ll tell you. When you
cross blades, you hit eachother?s sword at the same time, causing a stun. Well,
this is how ADA tells you to delete the AI, and why the game creators made
Ardjet?s blade so slow. As soon as you see a red flash at Ardjet?s side, slash
ONCE. If it works, Ardjet will fall back stunned. If you hit or she hits, one
or the other takes damage. In Ardjet?s case, LOTS. When Ardjet is stunned, grab
her with Jehuty and the deletion process should start automatically. When about
1/4 of Viola AI?s health is gone, she will break away. Sometimes after that she
will shock Ardjet, taking away valuable health. After that, she will most
likely use Wisp missiles. Just defend or dash around the pillar to avoid. After
the Wisps, there is another cross blade time. But this time, you must cross
blades with Ardjet TWICE. That makes things harder, but just watch for the
flash and slash, then take and bake Viola?s BUTT! Another 1/4 health is deleted
and Ardjet uses the beam attack that she used earlier in the game. Avoid that
by hiding behind the pillar, and head back to Ardjet for another cross. Flash
and slash 1. Flash and slash 2. Flash and slash THREE. Take and bake :) Anywho,
this time she uses both Wisp and Beam, so be one the alert. When she wants to
cross again, you have to do it FOUR times, then take and bake. Once the last
fourth of her health is gone, Viola will be completely destroyed. FOR GOOD.

Boss #9: Inhert
Pilot: Lloyd
Difficulty: Medium

Who ever thought that an old fart that sounds like Sweet Tooth from Twisted
metal: Black could ever be an annoying boss? Japan did. The arena is a HUGE
chamber with moving pillars all around. This makes long range and melee combat
difficult. Also, NEVER get stuck in between pillars when two are moving in to
connect. Getting smashed hurts. Anywho, Inhert will start out pretty slow,
shooting small waves of red lasers. Just dash up or in between the lasers to
avoid. He has missiles to, so be careful. They can do some damage. Also, you
can hide behind moving pillars, but they can be destroyed and create a large
dust cloud, which can make spotting attacks harder. Try to get in close combat
with Inhert. Jehuty?s blade is far superior to this old fart?s. However, Inhert
likes to use his shield a lot, so getting in lots of hits can be kind of hard.
When he has taken about one quarter damage, he will speed up and fly around the
chamber, shooting lasers and missiles, and the occasional weird mine. Remember
to head DIRECTLY left or right when a mine is headed towards you. Keep as close
to Inhert as possible, slashing and waiting when Inhert?s shield goes up. When
Inhert?s health gets in the yellow zone, Lloyd uses Inhert to cover the ENTIRE
chamber in black vapor, totally disabling vision. This might get tough.

Boss #10: Inhert 2
Pilot: Lloyd
Difficulty: Fairly Hard

This part is mean. Now that Inhert has made the arena black, ADA must guide you
towards Inhert with directions. This can be frustrating. But the good thing is
he has the same health as before. The only thing you can see on your screen is
ADA?s automatic lock on to Inhert, your hub and Jehuty. When ADA locks onto the
far away Inhert, dash forward (For those of you who are using Naked Jehuty or
Jehuty Version 2, 0-SHIFT WILL NOT HELP!) While you are dashing, a few things
can happen.

1. Inhert will fire some missiles from the dark. When ADA says ?Defend,?
defend. The missiles are pretty quick, so block as soon as you hear ADA.
2. Inhert will fire a weird mine. When ADA says to evade it, either head
DIRECTLY left or right to avoid. The mine can be damaging, so try your best not
to get hit.
3. Inhert will fire a mine to the left or the right. ADA will tell you which
direction to go, so if she tells you to go right, head DIRECTLY right, and vice
versa with left.
4. ADA will countdown the distance to Inhert.

When you hear ADA say ?Enemy approaching,? Inhert is here. But now, Inhert will
use no lasers, missiles or mines, just his sword and shield. This makes things
even easier. Slash away and guard when needed, and deplete as much health as
possible. Inhert will use his shield a lot more, so getting in a hit might be
difficult later in the battle. Usually, you can?t take out Inhert in one round.
He flies off most of the time, leaving Jehuty to get another lock on him. Head
for him again, dodging attacks and guarding. When you get to him, just repeat
the slashing tactic. Inhert is rarely able to get in a combo, let alone a hit.
When Inhert?s health gets pink, his attacks while you are trying to find him
get more frequent, so getting to Inhert can be hard. Also, when you get to
Inhert, he leaves VERY quickly, and his shield is up most of the time. Just be
persistent, and if you get low on health, equip the Mummy sub-weapon (If you
have obtained it. You can get it by finding a Mummyhead in one of the dead ends
in Lloyd?s city) and guard while heading for Inhert. This replenishes health
and blocks missiles, but unfortunately, it has no effect on mines. Just take
the Mummy down when you get the mine warning and follow ADA?s instructions.
Keep chipping away at Lloyd?s second form, and you should defeat him soon.

Boss #11: Anubis 2
Pilot: Nohman
Difficulty: Impossible

Nope. Nada. Don?t even try. Same as the last fight. Hit him once. Die. End.

Boss #12: Zakat
Pilot: 4 Weirdo?s
Difficulty: Medium

Phase 1: THE BALL

Zakat can only be hard if you don?t know about short dash. Zakat, that huge
robot ?ball,?  starts out in his first phase, which is probably the easiest.
The arena is in the sky, so it?s pretty cool. Zakat has three main attacks
here. First, he can shoot a big beam at you. You can recognize when he is going
to use it when he turns and you are staring at his glowing body. To avoid this
simply short dash and presto. This beam can do damage, so be careful. His
second attack is less damaging, but it is harder to avoid. Zakat uses all of
the panels on the outer layer and shoots lots of mini-beams. They move up and
down while Zakat is spinning in circles. Also, if you get to far away, Zakat
will use the mini-beams and charge at you. Trust me. That HURTS. The tactic
here is to avoid Zakat?s big beam and get inside of the ball by going into the
crack on his front. Zakat always uses little beams after the big beam, and it
takes Zakat a long time to get the little ones ready, so that?s your chance.
Get inside and slash at the pillar in the center. When you do enough damage,
Zakat will float away. You should have to do this only once, and then Zakat
changes tactics.


Zakat?s second phase, which is probably the hardest. After the body thing,
Zakat will float away and covers himself with a shield. Zakat has the same
attacks here, so there is no horrible one-hit kill move Zakat can pull on you
here. ADA tells you that there are a bunch of small panels that are producing
the shield, and that you should remove them. Equip your Grab subweapon, and
move Jehuty towards Zakat while avoiding his beams. When you get up close, the
little panels marked with the grab sign stick out like sore thumbs in that blue
shield. But be careful. The little beam attack is REALLY hard to avoid now that
you are so close. Just try your best to go in between them and grab any panels
you find on your way around Zakat. Don?t bother throwing the panels at Zakat,
they won?t do anything. When all of the panels have been removed, the shield
will go down and Zakat?s body will be revealed. Just slash at it like you did
last time. Soon, Zakat will float away again, and you have to repeat the
process. After enough health is taken away, Zakat will move into his final


The third and final phase. Zakat?s lower body will separate and form a mass of
swirling metal around him. Zakat has two new replacement attacks now. The ?Beam
Ring? and the dark version of Floating Mine, the reward after you defeat Zakat.
The Beam Ring is a large circle of beams that are produced when Zakat?s metal
pieces from a ring and fire off mini-beams. The ring swirls around, so try to
get in between the beams when they appear. The Dark Mine is VERY strong, but
slow. It also homes in on you, so you have to destroy it. Burst attacks from a
distance should kill it very quickly. The tactic here is to go up to the
lock-on area and slash at Zakat?s unprotected head. The head doesn?t do
anything, so don?t worry about retaliation. Pretty soon, Zakat?s head will
create a shield around itself, which disables your attacks against him. You
have to wait for a while, dodging beams and destroying mines, but when the
shield breaks, SHOW NO MERCY. The head has low defense, so if you are a high
level with Jehuty, damage to the head should be increased. Just keeping
slashing, waiting, slashing, waiting, and etc. while avoiding and destroying.
When his health is depleted, Zakat will blow up in a cool explosion and fall
into the ground below (But the guys in the robot escaped...will they be back?

Boss #13: Weak Anubis
Pilot: ???
Difficulty: Very Easy

Something is wrong here. VERY wrong here. Anubis is easy! The battleground is
an Aumman Facility, which is very vast and pretty cool. Weak Anubis has all the
same attacks he has had in the previous battles, but his burst attack is no
longer homing. To avoid it, short dash out of the way. His red laser dash
attack is pretty strong if all of the lasers hit you, but they are pretty slow
and easy to spot in the blue environment. Like his burst, short dash it to
avoid. Weak Anubis SUCKS at close combat, but he uses 0-Shift a lot. But now
that you have 0-shift, too, all you have to do is use it when he gets far away.
Note that 0-Shift is not recommended for dodging attacks. If you have a lock on
something, all 0-Shift will do is teleport you straight into their attack. The
tactic here is to 0-Shift whenever Weak Anubis teleports. Stay at close range
as much as possible and slash away. Getting in a full combo is easy here.
Whenever Weak Anubis uses his burst, there will be a big explosion of ?blood?
around him, and then he shoots a fireball. With this knowledge, Weak Anubis
is...well...weak. When you get his health 1/4 depleted, the REAL Anubis will
appear. It turns out Ken was inside Weak Anubis, which was under Nohman?s
control. Leo comes out of no where to try and kill Anubis, but he gets his butt
kicked and Nohman reveals the true location of the fortress Aumaan. Its on
Phobos, the moon of Mars! A beam fires from the weapon, and the facility is
destroyed while Jehuty is severely damaged. Anubis flies into the eye of the
laser, taking Ken and Leo with him. Jehuty flies after them, and the hardest
boss battle in the game begins.

Boss #14: Anubis 3
Pilot: Nohman
Difficulty: Very Hard

This is hard. VERY hard. Since you piloting the damaged Jehuty, your
subweapons, burst attacks and dash attacks are all disabled. All you have now
is combo?s, 0-Shift, Dash and a tough and long battle ahead. The arena makes
the authority of this battle appear very clearly, since it is inside the beam
of Aumman. Don?t worry, you don?t take damage. Anubis will start out with full
health since the last fight wasn?t really with Anubis. When he hasn?t taken any
damage, Anubis likes to fly over to Jehuty and try attacking him with combo?s.
I have no idea why. Anubis? staff is slower than your blade, so mash the square
button and slash away. You might get in one or two hits, then Anubis will use
0-Shift. He will use 0-Shift about three times and then use his burst attack.
Short dash out of the way as you did in the last battle. It still isn?t homing.
When the fireball has passed, IMMEDIATELY 0-shift over to Anubis while he is
recovering. Again, you might get in one or two successful blows, but that is
probably all. Sometimes instead of using Fireball after the 0-Shifts, Anubis
will try to attack you with his staff if you are near enough. Still, don?t
worry about his staff. It packs a punch when it hits, but that happens rarely,
because of Jehuty?s flashing blades and his low enthusiasm for close combat
melee. If you get hit by Fireball, it hurts and you can?t use Mummy, so this is
a tough battle. Also, here are some reasons why this battle is hard:

1: You are Damaged Jehuty.

2: Anubis teleports a lot.

3: Your defense and attack are much lower than before.

These add up to make the hardest boss in the game. But follow the strategy of
waiting for the burst attack, short dash out of the way, and use 0-shift to get
over to Anubis and attack. When you deplete half of Anubis? health, some of his
skin will break away. This symbolizes you are getting closer to victory. In
damaged form part 1, Anubis still uses Fireball and his lasers frequently, but
his need for physical attacks increases. This makes things easier because you
no longer have to dodge as many Fireballs. Also, chances are increased of
getting in three hits or even a FULL combo, due to Anubis? damaged state. Just
keep chipping away at his health while avoiding Fireballs, and again, don?t
worry about Anubis?s physical attack. You are still much faster than him.
Finally, when Anubis? health is pink, he rarely uses Fireballs and lasers, but
he likes to attack a lot. His armor breaks away, too. But when Anubis does use
Fireball when his health is low, he can use TWO Fireballs in a row, but if you
are quick to get to him when he is about to fire the second burst, you can stop
it by slashing at Anubis, maybe even getting in a full combo. When Anubis? last
1/4 of health is gone, celebrate. The next and final boss is a piece of cake
compared to the one you just beat.

Final Boss: Aumaan Anubis
Pilot: Nohman
Difficulty: Fairly Easy

Ahhhh, finally. What a fine way to end a game by fighting an easy boss? Well, I
was disappointed. They could have done A LOT better job on this guy. The battle
arena is in the Aumaan core, and Anubis has warped. SO have you. You are now
Naked Jehuty. It sounds weird, but this is the ultimate form of Jehuty. It
unleashes the true essence of Metatron from within the frame. Aumaan Anubis is
pretty skinny now, due to the fact you wiped off all of his armor, but he is
ready for action, faster, whiter, and has those cute little tiles following him
around :) Aumaan Anubis is WAY faster than the last one, and his Fireball has
homing again, but with Naked Jehuty, you are practically invincible. The Aumaan
core is pretty bright, so you can?t see Aumaan Anubis from very far away, so to
get to him, you want to have 0-Shift and a lock-on him. Aumaan Anubis LOVES to
use 0-Shift each time you hit him, but pulling off a hit takes some practice.
When you get into close combat with the boss, it takes at least 15 seconds to
get in a hit. Along with his increased movement speed comes increased attack
speed, so his staff has the same speed as your sword. Keep crossing blades the
whole time until you FINALLY get in a hit. But unlike the last Anubis, you can
do LOTS of damage, so the battle is a bit quicker than last time, despite the
fast attack of Aumman Anubis. When Aumaan Anubis gets hit, he usually
disappears and reappears in a different place, preferably on the other side of
the room, where he can use his Fireball. If you don?t have enough time to
0-Shift to Aumaan Anubis, get up against the opposite wall and wait for the
Fireball to come at you. When the burst is near, short dash along the wall.
With luck, the Fireball should hit the wall and explode *Remembers Nephtis 3.
Hmmmmm.* Anywho, when the Fireball is destroyed, you have no worries of getting
homed in on. 0 Shift over to Aumaan Anubis and enter the duel phase again.
*Waits* *Waits* *Waits* *sigh* That?s what its like. If you are very lucky, you
can do a full combo on Aumaan Anubis, doing MAJOR damage. Full combo?s here are
lethal, on either side, too. Just make sure you aren?t the one getting the
combo tried on. Keep chipping away at Aumaan Anubis? health, while avoiding the
Fireballs like I showed you. His other attacks are all the same, so nothing to
worry about there. When his health gets pink, Aumaan Anubis rarely lets you get
in even two hits, but with constant pressure on him, you should deplete his
health and emerge victor.

Congrats! You?ve just beaten Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner! When the
battle is over, however, Nohman talks about how he betrayed Dingo?s squad. Now,
Dingo gets mad, and you can choose the death blow of whatever you like! Anubis
is just sitting there, so I choreograph my death blow. It?s actually kind of
funny to fire off one bullet and watch Anubis get blown in half and watch him
scream... oops, I said to much. Well, I hope you enjoy the ending, cause you
deserve it!

Revision History

Version 1.0: Completed bosses: Ardjet, Nephtis, Anubis, Vic Viper, Nephtis 2,
Nephtis 3, Ardjet 2, Inhert, Inhert 2, Anubis 2.

Version 1.1: After a LONG trip, I polished off the FAQ with bosses: Zakat, Weak
Anubis, Anubis 3, and finally, Aumaan Anubis. I also added the Revision History
section and the Special Thanks section.

Version 1.2: Added little ?=? marks around the boss info. I don?t know why, but
it makes the FAQ seem more official.

Special Thanks

GameFAQ?s for making my FAQ possible.
My friend Miles Strang for telling me about GameFAQ?s.
Microsoft for making Word so I can do this (I?m getting down-right specific,
My mom and dad for buying this computer.
Cows for making cheese.
And last, but certainly not the least, Konami for making this GREAT game!

Thanks everyone!