• Hard Mode

    Finish Chapter 6 on Normal to unlock Hard Mode.

    Contributed By: OhHiRenan.


  • Trophies

    There are 7 Bronze Trophies, 4 Silver Trophies, and 1 Gold Trophy.

    Bone Cold JusticeDefeat an enemy by hitting back a Skeleton's bone.Bronze
    BonedDefeat a boss with 5 players in skeleton form.Silver
    GrasshopperJump kick 30 times in a row without touching the ground.Bronze
    Grim SynergyDefeat a boss using a Dual Crush.Bronze
    Hunter LegendComplete Hard Mode.Gold
    LifeguardBring a comrade back from the dead.Bronze
    Pack RatCollect a large number of items.Silver
    Poetic JusticeDefeat an ally who has been seduced by the enemy.Bronze
    SlaughtervaniaRack up 10,000 enemy kills.Silver
    Slick KickDefeat a boss using sliding.Bronze
    Vampire HunterDestroy the lord of Castlevania.Bronze
    Wicked Deep PocketsAmass 1,000,000 gold.Silver

    Contributed By: Guard Master.


  • Japanese Voices

    Select your character on the character select screen and when asked to select your character's color, hold down R2 and press X to confirm your selection. You should hear the character voice in Japanese after selecting OK, confirming Japanese voices are enabled.

    Contributed By: Iori99.

Secret Items

  • Secret Items

    Each chapter contains a secret item that boosts item score.

    Chapter 10: CrownIn the first room with the spear guards, break the wall to the right and walk through. The item will appear in the room behind you.
    Chapter 11: Facade CardIn the room directly above the boss, stand on top of the tree stump and jump straight up. The item will appear to your left.
    Chapter 1: BellIn the room with the three bells, slide underneath the lowest one and jump up into it, and the item will drop down to your left.
    Chapter 2: CrownOn the piano play the following notes, counting from the right: 5 White, 5 Black, 6 White, 5 White, 2 Black, 5 White, 5 Black, 6 White.
    Chapter 3: MoaiWake the boss, let him clear the room, then jump kick through the center of the vortex in the back ground. The Moai will spawn there.
    Chapter 4: GoemonOn the right hand side of the stage is a small dark alcove jutting out of the wall. Enter it and the item will spawn to your left.
    Chapter 5: Vic ViperEnter the top right corner of the right building and tap up. The item will fly across above the building from the right.
    Chapter 6: Konami ManBefore the final staircase, jump up next to the blue roof and tap up. The item will fly in from the right and just above you.
    Chapter 7: Vick13Go to the very top of the pyramid. When up there, jump and the item appears.
    Chapter 8: Lucky CatHead to the top-right room of the map and press down in the cave area. The item will appear to your left.
    Chapter 9: Twin BeeAtop the leftmost tower go down along the barbed wire. Land on the platform below the first guillotine and the item will spawn back above

    Contributed By: nicholsonadam.

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