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"good game but nothing to do after you 100% completed everything"

FC3 is essentially FC2 redefined and certainly revamped. Let me explain.In FC2, there were these vast terrains that were void of any animals, save for some random zebra once in a while (at least that is the only animal I recall seeing in FC2). FC3 totally revamps this by adding a very large variety of animals and amphibians, from birds, to deer, boars, tapirs, tigers, sharks, crocodiles, snakes and so forth. The neat thing is that the animals interact with one another. Furthermore, now the plants serve a purpose too, which are used to make various crafts, such as health, animal repellants, fire-proof and so forth.

In FC2, you had only a limited number of vehicles to chose from (a few different kinds of jeeps and the para-glider). By contrast, FC3 offers anything from semis, to jeeps, armored jeeps, ATVs, water-scooters, powerboats, ship vessels, dune buggies, and yes, the para-glider makes a comeback too! Furthermore, the player can also parachute.

In FC2, the power up regarding weapons and health, was basic, and mostly non-existent. Now, weapons can be upgraded, customized, the skins from the animals can be used to craft bigger ammo/health/syringes pouches.

BUT BY FAR, the best revamp of FC3 is the story. FC2 had a marginal story, at best. FC3 provides an in depth story about a group of people caught in a human trafficking smuggling ring. The story is very persuasive and certainly draws you in. The only criticism I have about the story without revealing much is that it got really really good up until one of the main antagonists is taken down. Unfortunately, from there on, the story goes downhill, as the other villain(s) cannot even come close to the first one (if you played this already, you understand what I am referring to).

Graphics are solid. Although, the way vehicles handled and the way you moved through the game, it reminded me of FC2 engine. Going back to FC2, if you played it, you will recall that when you were driving on the main road, you would almost immediately be attacked by enemies. While this still happens in FC3, it is not as aggressive as in FC2, which was one of the reasons I stopped playing FC2.

Co-op in FC3 is a disaster. Despite having such a large environment, for some strange reason, the developers limited you to linear point A to point B missions. What is also frustrating is that while it was easy to get the first 3 co-op missions on-line, it was brutal to get the last three. I managed to get them done by playing co-op off-line. What was also frustrating was the fact that dogs in co-op are lethal if they manage to jump on you. It was also annoying that it was difficult to tag enemies. On the plus side, the enemies were dumber than a brick wall, making it very easy to dispose of them.

All in all, it is a good game. One of the few where I platinumed the game. However, after you finished all missions, and the co-op missions, there is very little left to do. BE SURE to also save your game when you finish the game, otherwise, next time you play it, if you go to a previous save, it will erase all your progress to the end of the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/04/13

Game Release: Far Cry 3 (US, 12/04/12)

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