Question from Ever_Spirit_400

Asked: 3 years ago

Greatest hits & godly items?

I need help getting 1000 hits,any tips? also is the grave digger's shovel count towards getting all godly items trophy or is it just the bracelet, cuffs, ring & the one from the sex minigame?

Accepted Answer

From: Manslayergoku 3 years ago

If you beat the game, you can get the 1000 combo trophy (Greatest Hits) at the combat arena.
I simply set Kratos HP and magic to infinite, chose 2 minotaurs while making sure they respawn and spammed Scourge of Erinys magic. Easy way to get 1000 hit combo.

You have to get the grave digger's shovel to get the Treasure Hunter trophy.

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What ManslayerGoku said is works, but I used the wind of boreas. Just hold it down so you don't have to keep pressing. Keep the button pressed and watch tv! :D It's a good way to build orbs for the temple of Zeus too.

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