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How do I get other Arcade Mode endings?

After clearing the Arcade mode, I noticed that the ending movie was in the gallery as "Bad Ending". Are there other endings and how do I get them?


Narrator_1 answered:

You need 2,500,000 points by the end of the fight at Rose Stadium to qualify for fighting the bosses. Three off-the-bat recommendations I have are:

(1) Complete target actions to boost your score.
(2) Set the timer to 99 (default is 60) to garner a larger time bonus at the end.
(3) Try to win as many victories in a row without continuing as you can.
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RookierockstaR answered:

Just a side note I want to add: you need to win with default teams (ex. Fatal Fury Team, Kim Team, etc.). Although, to get Ash's ending, you need to K.O. Evil Ash with Ash. And then to get the "Heidern" video, just win with an edited team. Sorry for wasting your time if you all ready knew this.
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