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New game + ?

Will it have new game+?

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cz75gsc answered:

Not really a new game +. but something like a post-game with harder difficulty settings. Once you beat normal, the story line picks up where it left off, with characters handing new missions to you and/or chit chatting about the good old times. But it's less urgent and more open ended at this point.
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snakemaster7 answered:

Yes it does.
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Kuroiki answered:

There is no new game+

You can however:
-Change the difficulty setting once you've unlocked. (Normal, Hard and Inferno)
-You can play the stage back as much as you want.

Any new characters you make will start their story at the very beginning.
Your money and any equips you've obtain are shared.
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haomaru421 answered:

There is a NG+ and NG++ cause you need to get the 9 orbs again in hard difficulty to kill boss, then unlock Inferno difficulty, once hard is unlocked.
As Kuroiki mentioned, the chest containing your items and money is shared by all your characters you created.
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