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How do I set up a lobby for friends to jump in online? Is it different for PS3 and Vita?

Please also tell me concerning vita ad-hoc if possible

DragonNinjaRyu provided additional details:

Thanks to those who answered. What I did not know beforehand was that the multiplayer network connection was actually an unlocked feature later into the game. I had asked this before I was at the point to look for the 9 talismans.


BurnMyToast answered:

When your in dungeon ask your friend to select join friend room. Note that vita can't join ps3 room vice verse
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Heirmixer answered:

U can go to the stable, and tell everybody to choose you (or whoever but the same friend) to join with him/her, no need to go on an adventure.
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cynicalsaint answered:

1. Go to the Stables or the Gate, make sure you're online
2. Have your friend go to the Stables/Gate
3. Friend hits 'Start', and picks the option to Join a Friend
4. Friend should now join you and you can leave from the Stable/Gate together now.

No voice chat so having something like Skype going helps.
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