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Super Rare items?

So I was playing the other day and I picked up the bones of a level 98 person that was from Japan I believe. They had some equipment on that was only lvl 35 but it had durability in the range of 40,000+, and up to 9 extra effects. The effects themselves seemed ridiculous as well, some were extra 80% damage multiple times as well as item durability decrease - 133%. The person also had several Large level potions that had near unlimited uses (100,000+ restock amount and next to number of uses it just said -- instead of a number). I was just wondering if this was actually possible towards the end of the game or if this person was hacking in some way. Thanks for the info in advance!

Note: The equipment in question was super rare(?) (blue/white slow pulsating glow) and had the prefix 'Unyielding'.

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cz75gsc answered:

Hacked character. It can corrupt your save file. Bury the character, and if it gives you one of it's items, reload and bury again until it's gone without leaving a trace on your save file.
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jonny41177 answered:

Yep sounds like a hack to me which like the guy posted they can corrupt your save file.
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