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Asked: 9 months ago

Has anyone had glitched trophies so far?

I've been experiencing wierd trophy related stuff on my DC copy. Since I play a lot with a friend we usually alternate the PS3 we play the game in (sometimes his, sometimes mine), and when we download the gamedata from the server all the trophies that were unlocked on one PS3, get unlocked in the other; all but one, the "fantastic fighter" trophy. Not only that, but I also finished the game on hard with the fighter and still the trophy didn't pop up, is it glitched? has anyone had a similar problem?
I've also had trouble with the Vanquisher trophy, I'm pretty certain I killed the dragon in less than 2 min; that is, the dragon didn't get to do his one-shot firebreath attack, this is supposed to be the 2 min turning point, isn't it?. Trophy also didn't pop out.
I'd like to know if somebody could tell me if I'm missing something, or if someone can confirm that some trophies are glitched it would be a great help. I'm planning on getting the platinum, and I'm certainly not fond of investing so much time in a game just to end up empty handed because of a couple of glitched trophies.

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