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Level Help status answers
How do I get to the camp site? Answered 3
Plot Help status answers
What is tool category? Open 2
Other Help status answers
1. Can offline Player 2 will have same progress just like Player 1? Open 2
After maxing my level will all the excess EXP I acquire be obtained when I start the next difficulty? Answered 1
AI character equipment damaged? Answered 2
Can you use one of your created characters as an AI ally.for your other characters? Answered 1
Clone strikes? Answered 5
Do created characters under one save file share the same story line? Answered 4
Does co-op partner need to have difficulty unlocked in order to continue leveling on my game? Answered 2
Does Multi-Player/Single-Player affect enemy toughness? Answered 1
EXP/Level Caps? Answered 1
Has anyone had glitched trophies so far? Unanswered 0
How do I set up a lobby for friends to jump in online? Is it different for PS3 and Vita? Open 3
How do you use magic skills for the Sorceress? Answered 2
How does Elf resupply on arrows? Answered 2
How does online multiplayer work? Answered 1
If you die in a dungeon in co-op or single player, do you still get to keep the loot that you have gathered? Answered 2
In shops during co-op play, can I switch control over to the other player without leaving the shop? Open 1
Increasing your Life Points (LP)? Answered 2
Is there a limit to how much a prayer or the stables can cost? Open 2
Is this game online only? Answered 1
Legendary strike with Sorceress? Open 1
Messages? Answered 1
Missed Conqueror trophy. Do I need to start again with a new character? Open 1
New game + ? Answered 4
Ultimate Difficulty offline 2P progress? Unanswered 0
Using runes by second player (offline)? Open 2
Will new characters require new save file? Answered 2

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