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Dragons Crown – PS3 Walkthough/FAQ

Table of Contents

		1.01 Basic Tutorial (W001)
		1.02 Town (W002)
		1.03 Ancient Temple Ruins (W003)
		1.04 Town (W004)
		1.05 Help the Honey Buzzards (W005)
		1.06 Town (W006)
		1.07 Old Capital (W007)

		2.01 Rods (iRods)
		2.02 Hammers (iHamm)
		2.03 Swords (iSword)
		2.04 Gauntlets (iGaun)
		2.05 Shields (iShie)
		2.06 Belts (iBelt)
		2.07 Amulets (iAmul)
		2.08 Gloves (iGlove)
		2.09 Glasses (iGlass)

		3.1 Common Skills (cSkill)
		3.2 Fighter Skills (fSkill)



Basic Tutorial – (W001)

Basic Movement

Left Stick – Move.
Cross – Jump.
Left Stick + Square – Dash.
R1 – Evade.

	Complete all the directions on the top right of the screen to continue 
on to the next section of the tutorial.

Normal Attacks

Normal Attack – Repeatedly press Square.
Strike Up – Left Stick Up + Square.
Sliding – Left Stick Down + Square.

	Attack the enemy that appears on the screen using each of the different
types of attacks listed in the upper right corner to continue with the 

Aerial Attacks

Aerial Attack – Square while in the air.
Strike Up – Left Stick Up while in the air.
Smack Down – Left Stick + Down while in the air.

	Repeat the same input commands as the last section,  this time after 
jumping using the cross button to continue the tutorial.


Guard – Hold down Square.

	Guard against the enemies attack to continue on with the tutorial.  Be 
warned though that a heavy attack or powerful combination may break your 
characters guard.

Power Smash

Power Smash – Circle

	Use the power smash move against the enemy on the screen to continue 
the tutorial.  You must have a weapon to use powersmash and, once you stab it 
into the ground you must wait for the icon on the screen to empty before you 
can use power smash again.

Special Equipment

Pick Up – Triangle
Use – Square

	Pick up your sword from the previous tutorial and kill the goblin on 
the screen.  Pick up the crossbow laying on the ground after the goblin is 
defeated.  Press Square to use the crossbow on the three goblins that appear.  
Special equipment has a limited amount of uses before it is depleted.

Item Slots

Select Item Slots – D-Pad Left and D-Pad Right.
Use Item – D-Pad Down.

	Use the Right button on the D-Pad to select the health potion and the 
press Down on the D-Pad to use the potion.  Items have a cooldown and you must 
wait until the cooldown has expired before using another item.  When you use an 
item from the inventory it will replace your current equipment.  Continue to 
the right to go to the next stage.


	After defeating enemies or destroying containers you may find food 
laying around.  Break open the wooden box on the screen.  Walk over the apple 
to pick it up.  Once you stop moving or attacking you will automatically start 
eating and can restore up to 150% of your max health.  Continue to the right to 
find a locked door and a scene.


Finger Cursor – Right Stick.
Use – L1.

	After the scene use the right stick to hove the finger pointer over the 
door and press L1 to have your companion unlock it.  Continue through the door 
to go to the next stage.  Your companion can also open treasure chest for you 
and the process is the same as it is for doors.  Hover the cursor over the 
treasure chest and press L1 to unlock it.  Once you open a treasure chest an 
Orc appears on the screen.  Use the remaining bolts in your crossbow you picked 
up earlier then pick up the new one from the chest.You may have to use a few 
swings from your sword to kill the Orc if you run out of bolts.  Once the Orc 
is dead the basic tutorial is finished.

Town – (W002)

Go to Adventurers Guild

	Move to the right until you reach the Adventurers Guild then press up 
to enter.  In order to be accepted by the Adventurers Guild they require that 
you repair your equipment.

Go to Morgan's Magic Item Shop

	Move back to the left until you reach Morgan's Magic Item Shop and 
press up to enter the store.    Select Repair equipmentand repair your weapon.
This costs 100 gold which the game has been so kind to start us off with.  You 
know have access to the start menu which can be opened by pressing the start 

Go to Adventurers Guild

	Head back to the right and reenter the Adventurers Guild.  Now that our
equipment is repaired the guild master will let us partake in a test of skill 
to determine if we are worthy enough to join the Adventurers Guild.  This 
brings up the first dialog choice in the game:

	A. Eagerly accept the entry exam.  Ask the guildmaster for details.
	B. State that you are overqualified for the test.

	For my play through I Chose option A but feel free to choose which ever
option you like.  We are given a quest to help a warrior named Roland and we 
can find him in the Ancient Temple Ruins.  You automatically exit the 
Adventurers guild and now have access to the town map which you can open with 
the Select button.  You can also now travel to the Gate location which is the 
exit for the town.  Head to the right and go through the gate to leave the 
town.  On the next screen head all the way to the right to exit this screen.

Ancient Temple Ruins (W003)

	Continue to the right and kill the goblins that you come across.  
Killing enemies will give you loot such as equipment orgold which you can walk 
over to collect.  You also receive experience which will help you level up and 
make your character more powerful.  Destroy the two wooden boxes and collect 
the items from them and then attack the cage to release the fairy.  Have your 
companion open the Treasure chest and collect what was inside.  You will find 
out about treasure ranks which determine what kind of equipment will be inside
the treasure chests.

	Kill the four goblins that appear and continue to the right to the next
screen.  On this screen you find Roland who informs you that he was on a job 
for the Adventurers Guild looking for missing Adventurers.  In order for us to 
pass our guild exam we must find the missing adventurers for him.  If the 
adventurers are dead we are told to bring him their bones as proof.  On the 
next screen kill the three snakes and open the treasure chest.  If you see a 
little glowing orb move your finger pointer over it and press L1 to collect 
some random loot.  Continue on to the right to the next screen.

	Move to the right until you are near then end of the screen and kill 
the two spiders hanging from their webs.  Afterward open the chest, collect the
loot, and move on to the next screen.  On the next screen be careful not to get
impaled by the the rising spikes, smash the wooden boxes and continue on to the
right.  Kill the five bats that appear on this screen and move on to the next 

	You will find a pile of bones in the middle of the screen which you can
pick up using the Triangle button.  After Collecting the bones head to the 
right to enter a new area.  Continue to the right and defeat the two lizard men
and destroy the wooden box.  Continue to the right to Enter the screen with the 

Boss:  Harpy

	As you would expect the first boss of the game is not very hard.  With 
that said though do not go into the fight nonchalant though as it can still 
easily kill you.  One attack that can be particularity annoying is it will 
swoop down with its talons stretched out and pick you up so I can slam you down
for a decent amount of damage.  The best way to avoid this is to use a slide 
attack to get past it.  Other than that just remember to guard often and use 
aerial attacks when it is flying.  Also use a health potion if your health 
drops below 50 HP.

	After defeating the boss you are taken to a Level Stats screen where 
you can see things such as how long the level took you and how much gold you 
acquired and spent during the level.  Next you are awarded your experience 
points for the level and you should reach level 2 which will increase your 
stats.  Next you get to a Spoils screen where you can identify the items you 
found during the level.  If you find any items that your class can not use you
can also sell them to get more gold.

Town (W004)

Go to Adventurers Guild

	Follow the screen to the right until you reach the Adventurers Guild 
and enter.  You are given an additional task by the guildmaster.  This task is
to go to a temple and try a resurrection ritual on the bones we found in the 
last level.

Go to Canaan Temple

	Follow the screen all the way back to the left and enter Canaan Temple.
Select Resurrect from the menu and then select Oswell.  You can find any 
adventurers you resurrect waiting for you at the inn.   Once the scene in the
Inn is over select Choose Allies to fill out your party.  Exit the inn.

Go to Adventurers Guild

	Follow the screen to the right and reenter the Adventurers Guild.  Find
Guild Members quest completed. rewarded with 1,000 Gold.  (Trophy Unlocked:  
The Adventure Begins.).    Congratulations you are now a member of the 
Adventurers Guild.  We must now go to the Castle to get the details about our 
next quest.  However before we do that we have two new options we can select.
The first is Learn Skills where you can purchase new skills for your character.
You can gain skill points by leveling up or completing quests.

	The Second new menu option is Quests.  Using this menu you can pick up 
quests to complete.  Right now there is only on quest called “Help the Honey 
Buzzards.”  We may as well complete this quest now so select leave guild to 
return to the town..  We can now go to the castle but first lets go complete 
the quest we just picked up.

Help the Honey Buzzards (W005)


	At Ancient Temple Ruins, destroy the orcs' cargo found at the harbor.
Rannie can open the door to the harbor.


Money: 1,000 Gold
Experience Points: 750 Exp
Skill Points: 1 point
Treasure Art: Honey Buzzards, Eaters of Wasps

Ancient Temple Ruins

	Return to the Ancient Temple Ruins which is the area we completed the 
first quest in.  You can now press start to either check thestatus of your 
quests or to end the adventure.  Kill the two goblins and break the two wooden
boxes.  Open the treasure chest and then kill the four goblins that appear.
Continue to the right tot he next screen.  On this screen kill the four snaked
and search the area for glowing orbs.  After you have found all the orbs open
 up the treasure chest to collect the loot.

	Use the finger cursor to have your companion open the door on in the 
middle of this area and head through.  Kill the two orcs and then search for 
glowing orbs.  Open the two treasure chests to collect the loot but be careful
as they are rigged with explosives. and then smash the wooden box.  

Return to town using the quit adventure item on the start menu.  Return to the
Adventurers Guild to claim your reward.  Help the Honey Buzzards completed.
Don’t forget to spend your new skill point if you want to.  (Trophy Unlocked:
Novice Art Collector.).  You should also reach level 3 at this point.

Town (W006)

Go to Castle

	Continue to the right and enter the castle to get our next quest.
We are informed that the royal scepter has been stolen by Tommit, a famous
bandit in the area.  We are given the task of tracking down the thief and
recovering the royal scepter in complete secrecy.  The game informs us that we
can find Tommit in his base at the old capital.  Continue to the right to the
Gate in order to leave the town.

Old Capital (W007)

Old Capital Ruins

	Continue to the right while collecting the glowing orbs and defeat the
four goblins that appear.  A little further to the right two orcs will appear 
so dispatch of them as you have previously and continue on to the next screen.
Smash the wooden box and then kill the five scorpions that appear these
enemies should pose no problem for you just using normal attacks.  Further to
the right kill the two lizard men and then open the treasure chest before 
proceeding to the next screen.

	On this screen you find the bandit Tommit.  He admits to stealing the
royal scepter and then slips away before you can catch him.  On the new screen
continue to the right and will you will be faced with three fish enemies.
These are kind of annoying only because you have to wait till they jump out of
the water in order to kill them.  Finish them off and then continue to the
right onto the next screen.  Open the chest and then continue to the right to
fight off a couple of lizard men.

	Open the door on the top of the screen and enter.  Smash the wooden
box and open the treasure chest.  Kill the scorpions that appear and then
return to the  previous room.  Continue to the right and kill the scorpions and
lizard men then enter the next screen.  Open the treasure chest right by the
door and then head to the right to kill more scorpions and lizard men.  Once
all of those are dead continue on to the next screen.

	On this screen pick up the bones in the middle of the path and smash 
the wooden box and continue to the right to the next screen to the boss

Boss: Wyvern

	This boss is actually very easy as long as you stay airborne.  Use
aerialattacks and guard when you are forced to be on the ground.  There are
threeabilities worth mentioning for this boss.  The first is a fireball that
willarc and slam into the ground dealing damage to anything that is in the
impact zone. You can easily counter this by evading or staying airborne.
Secondly hewill fly horizontally across the screen at a high rate of speed
impaling anything in his path.  This is the only time you actually want to be on
the ground.Lastly he has the ability to call two other wyverns into the fight.
These have much less health and I found it easier to kill them and then return
your focus back on the boss.  Keep your health above 70 and this boss should
not pose youany real problems.

	With the boss defeated Tommit hands over the royal scepter and you are
shown your adventure results.  You should reach level four at this point so
remember to buy skills and repair your equipment.

Rods (iRods)

Glass Scepter

Rank: E
Attack: 2-6
Durability: 3695
Requires: Wizard, Level 2

Feather Rod

Rank: E
Attack: 1-5
Durability: 3634
Requires: Wizard, Level 1

Hammers (iHamm)

Purifying Broad Hammer

Rank: C
Attack: 1-7
Durability: 2626
Requires: Dwarf, Level 2

Damage to undead foes +10%

Swords (iSwor)

Short Sword

Rank: E
Attack: 1-5
Durability: 1000
Requires: Fighter, Level 1


Rank: D
Attack: 1-7
Durability: 3369
Requires: Fighter, level 2

Rebuffing Broadsword

Rank: C
Attack: 1-11
Durability: 2499
Requires: Fighter, Level 4

Magic Resistance +6
Damage to demonic foes +10%

Gauntlets (iGaun)

Blessed Iron Arm

Rank: D
Defense: 5
Durability: 2722
Requires Fighter, Dwarf, Level 2

Damage to demonic foes +12%

Purifying Hide Gauntlet

Rank: C
Defense: 8
Durability: 3193
Requires: Fighter, Dwarf, Level 5

Damage to undead foes +13%

Purifying Light Gauntlet

Rank: B
Defense: 6
Durability: 2480
Requires: Fighter, Dwarf, Level 3

Damage from undead foes -11%

Blessed Bronze Arm

Rank: B
Defense: 9
Durability: 2992
Requires: Fighter, Dwarf, Level 6

Damage from demonic foes -11%

Shields (iShie)


Rank: E
Defense: 5
Durability: 1000
Requires: Fighter, Level 1

Howl Shield

Rank: E
Defense: 8
Durability: 2800
Requires: Fighter, Level 3

Scale Shield

Rank: E
Defense: 9
Durability: 3356
Requires: Fighter Level 4

Scale Shield

Rank: D
Defense: 7
Durability: 3498
Requires: Fighter, Level 2

Stone Wall Scale Shield

Rank: C
Defense: 2
Durability: 3312
Requires: Fighter, Level 1

Physical resistance +5%

Belts (iBelt)

Royal Belt

Rank: E
Defense: 5
Durability: 2981
Requires: Fighter, Dwarf, Wizard, level 1

Smothering Royal Belt

Rank: B
Defense: 6
Durability: 3637
Requires: Fighter. Dwarf, Wizard, Level 3

Fire Resistance +11%

Amulets (iAmul)

Rebuffing Gold Necklace

Rank: E
Defense: 4
Durability: 3256
Requires: All, Level 1

Magic Resistance +4

Gold Necklace

Rank: D
Defense: 5
Durability: 3106
Requires: All, Level 2

Gloves (iGlov)

Silk Gloves

Rank: E
Defense: 3
Durability: 3105
Requires: Sorceress, Wizard, Level 1

Glasses (iGlass)

Leaf Monocle

Rank: E
Defense: 2
Durability: 3199
Requires: Sorceress, Wizard, Level 1

Potions (iPoti)


Uses Per Dungeon: 6
Restock Amount: 25

Causes a small explosion when hurled.

Strong Draught

Uses Per Dungeon: 4
Restock Amount: 15

Increases damage dealt for 30 seconds.

Heal Potion

Uses Per Dungeon: 3
Restock Amount 19

Restores 30% of HP


Common Skills (cSkill)

Wealth to Health

Picking up coins recovers HP.

Level 1: HP Recovered per coin: 2

Slide Attack

Increased chance of taking enemy down when sliding ( Left Stick Down + Square)

Level 1: Power: 30, Knockback +30%

Fighter Skills (fSkill)

Cyclone Masher (Attack Skill)

Skill point cost: 1 point

Increases duration of aerial attacks.  Rapidly press Square to activate.

Level 1: Power: 20  Descent speed -30%

Shockwave (Attack Skill)

Skill point cost: 1 point

Pound the ground to ripple it with shocks.  Activate with Left Stick Down + 

Level 1: Power: 15, Number of shockwaves: 2


Add a shockwave to your downward stab attack.  Press Left Stick + Square in 
midair to activate.

Level 1 (requires character level 3): Power: 40.


	This guide is (c) 2013 by Parisinflames78.  If you wish to use my guide
on any site other that GameFAQS.com please contact me for approval.  If you 
find any errors or want any information about the game or the guide you can 
contact me at ParisGameGuides@gmail.com.