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Asked: 2 years ago

How do i unlock the remaining ninja tools?

Quite a few were unlocked through the offline tournament modes, as well as survival but i've unlocked and beaten all of those and want to unlock the rest.

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After you go through all the survials and the tourneys the rest you get are from finishing the chapters on story mode or doing online matches. The ones you unlock in online will be located in the shop where you can go buy them

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Well, i have just got this game 7 days ago. and so far i beat the game got most of the info cards. The ninja tools? I haven't unlocked the others yet. But i de remember something about the codes on the Naruto Cards from the Sage's Legacy collection unlocks certain things in the game.
Maybe some u can get by only certain codes found on specific Naruto Sage's Legacy cards from the card game.
Ninja info crds as well. But i haven't done anyonline battles yet.

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