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Easy money?

What's the best/fast way to earn money in GTA V?

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I found this video

imo you dont need the cheat codes, if you are about to run out of air change to another character, then switch back and you will have full health and wont be out of breath.

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This map will tell you where the 25k cash drop is.

It's off Great Ocean Highway. Use the Fast Swim cheat to get out there quicker, make sure you have two characters available otherwise you will drown. Also you cannot have both characters in the same spot as one of them will drown.

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For beginners beat people on the street and complete missions. You'll rake it in.

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It depends on how much you think money you are expecting. In my opinion, money is hard to come by in GTA5. If you want good money as quick as possible, I would suggest rushing the main story line up to the jewelry heist. It is the first job that gives you decent chunk of cash, maybe even enough to last you the rest of the game as long as you aren't buying up property (which I recommend not buying as the return is too little, many taking 100 weeks to get your ROI).

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It really depends on the amount you wish.

There's some several ways to earn money (Warning: Spoilers!):

Low Amounts - Stealing from people who just used a ATM.

Medium Amounts - Rob Security Vans or finding hidden cash drop like mentioned above.
You can find the random event which is a kid on a bike, give him back the bike and later he gives you 100k.

Massive Amounts - But the best option to make big cash is the stock market, the absolute best option is doing Lesters assassination missions after the main story when you have more money, I turned my 35 Mill to 1,4 Bill on each character.
Assassination missions guide -

Her's a guide on how to make more money on the stocks, you basically invest in one company and you destroy and mess around with the competitor.
Go to and search for "GTA 5 Stock Market LCN/BAWSAQ Trading Tips and Rivals Guide"

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To be entirely honest, after the release of Online, they patched an exploit that one could use to switch characters back and forth to have a underwater cache respawn. I saw that mentioned in at least one comment but sadly that won't help you. Really Rockstar made it quite hard to make money in this game. The BEST way I found is literally following the "How to make $1.5 BILLION playing the stocks." thread in the message boards as you need $150 million just to buy the golf course and if you go through the story without doing stuff like that you still won't really have enough to buy it.

Other ways are of course the taxi side-missions or even the tow truck (after you buy the property), BUT those are slow going in the sense that they pay very little and you'd have to keep doing a lot of them to get anywhere close to a mere one thousand.

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An infinite money cheat would be useful then, for the more casual gamer who hasn't got the time to spend 'earning' the hundreds of millions needed to buy everything!!

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Well, to be honest, "Easy Money" in GTA Online is rather quite impossible. It seems Rockstar and Rockstar North companies are even removing legitimate ways to get money. Leaving players extremely frustrated. I eventually stopped playing. But you can search YouTube for different ways. Their's bound to be some sort of glitch, exploit, or mission there is that pays 20k ⬆.

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Killing people to get money.

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I usually, like doing survival for money. If you survive all 10 waves you get a lot of money. Plus you get to keep all your guns. Find one map that fits your style and start earning.

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