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Where can I find Stun Gun?

While playing as Trevor, the Minute Men mission isn't available, even after I complete Mr Philips Prerequisite mission.
Why is that?
This mission gives you the Stun Gun, which, according to the In-game Online Website, it is available, but the store is out of stock.

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AndrosCelsum answered:

You will unlock the stun gun after you complete the "Monkey Business" mission with Trevor, one of the "Strangers and Freaks" missions.

However, security guards usually carry stun gun: they will use it if you trespass AND you're not wielding a weapon, so you have to kill them using melee unarmed attacks.
Be aware that if you switch to a firearm during the fight, they will immediately switch to their handgun and will not drop the stun gun anymore.
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Death_Master911 answered:

The Stun gun does not become available until after you complete a specific mission. The mission is called "Monkey Business".
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Sunflight01 answered:

You have to complete main story missions up to a point to get that weapon. It is also available during one of the "Freaks and Strangers" missions with Trevor out in the desert area close to his airfield.
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steven-hoi answered:

Minute man is the name of the mission Freaks and Strangers" missions with Trevor you get the stun gun during that mission
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thebrianmo answered:

Just do Trevor's border patrol strangers and freaks and you unlock the stun gun. Simple.
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