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Seeing Both Endings?

I was wondering how you can see the different versions of the final mission? Do you just complete all missions a second time from the Mission select on the menu?

MajorGamer915 provided additional details:

Okay, so should I start high and then go low or vice versa. What's the best way for seeing both endings?


jaded_fox answered:

High Chaos stays, so you'll have to go to the first mission that you had high chaos and play to the end. However if you played low chaos all the way through, just replaying the final mission and causing as much chaos as possible can do it. I'd suggest starting from the second to last mission due to the way chaos affects the final mission.
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Gunsling3r45 answered:

I found the easiest way to see both endings is to run through the game the first time with high chaos and not worrying about being seen and on the second play through ghost (not be seen) every level an don't kill anyone (easier said then done)
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happydude11209 answered:

There is also a third ending based on weather or not Emily dies, just to let you know.
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ehudson89 answered:

Also, just as a heads up, there are a total of nine endings. You have three main ending. Two high chaos endings. The two for high chaos is one where you save Emily from falling off the bridge and the other is where you let her die. The Final main ending is when you get the low chaos ending. All the other endings are based on decisions that you make in some of the other missions. Letting some people live can change a lot.
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