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SPOILER ALERT!!! A question about the ending?

Again, i say SPOILER ALERT. If you're reading this without having played the High Chaos final level, don't blame me.

OK here's the question:
I've seen both High Chaos endings, and, though i must say i much preferred my good "Clean Hands" ending, while i was checking in YouTube if there were more endings, i saw something strange in other people's versions.
In both versions of my High Chaos ending (Rescued/dead Emily) Samuel appeared in the boat, fighting a storm. In other versions i've seen in YT, Corvo stands by his tomb. Is this difference substantial? Is it important or not really?

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range152 answered:

Apparently you can make Samuel hate you, and he will try to alert the guards using the flare. If you kill him before he shoots the flare, you get to see him in the tomb.
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