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Slackjaw glitch? - PS3 Crasher

Is there any way whatsoever anyone has found to complete Slackjaw's request and tell him about his informant? Every time I go to tell him about his associate's demise my PS3 crashes - I know this is a known glitch but as I want to complete without killing this is kinda game breaking.


jt4703 answered:

There are a few possible solutions to your problem. I never ran into this problem, myself, but here are some solutions people have posted in the forums:

1. Reload an earlier save and play through to that point again.
2. Start a new game.
3. Delete your game data and reinstall (best if you do this with #2)
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jonny41177 answered:

Maybe it's your ps3 but if i had that problem i would just skip it because it's optional. You can still take the 2 guys out without killing them to finish the mission.
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