Question from RCR1993

How do i use lens magnification?

I got the lens magnification upgrade, for dishonored (ps3), but it won't work, I keep pressing the R3 buttonlike it says. Am I pressing the wrong button or something?

jt4703 asked for clarification:

Did you just find the blueprint, or did you actually purchase the upgrade from Piero?


rein2012 answered:

Once you hit r3 then you hit square or triangle(sorry forgot whitch) and it will zoom in further unless like jt4703 said you did'nt actually purchase the upgrade.
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Andijvie1981 answered:

Press R3 then Square for extra zoom.
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chaosweapon11 answered:

you click down your right stick (R3) then if you have the further magnification you press square to zoom in further. if it isnt working check your controls to see if you switched it to something else, if you didnt then good luck figuring out whats wrong. best i can do.
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