Question from MatBazza

Asked: 2 years ago

Does Possessing and/or Unpossessing a human alert that human?

If Corvo possesses a human, goes to a quiet corner where no-one else is looking, unpossesses that person and makes sure that person does not see him, will they be alerted?


Is unpossession enough to alert the unpoessed person?

Accepted Answer

From: jt4703 2 years ago

No, it does not alert them until they actually turn and see you. As long as you assassinate them or knock them out before they turn, they will not be alerted. I was able to earn the Ghost/Clean Hands trophies after possessing several people (guards and overseers included) and choking them before they turned around.

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It alerts them when you unpossess them so you have to dispose of them quickly. Now that's the guards I'm talking about. I haven't done any civilian possessions just yet but guards will be alerted and try to turn to face you. Rats and Fish will die. Haven't done the wolf hounds. Endless possibilities so go for it lol

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