Question from jamdeaf

Asked: 2 years ago

If I miss special items (runes, books) etc......??

I was just wondering, when you go through a mission and complete it, when you go to the main menu and re-run the mission....if you missed any items in the first run, can you go back and get them on the re--run?

Additional details - 2 years ago

@qnorris33- So then if i wanted to replay the sewer mission again, even tho theres nothing to collect there, id have no blink or crossbow? just the normal gun sword?

etc etc for all future missions as well?

Accepted Answer

From: qnorris33 2 years ago

You start over at the beginning of the mission and any powers you acquired or items, books, or notes you have to get all over again. for some reason they didn't think that we would want to replay the game if we were allowed to keep our current player rather than start over.

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Basically, yes. Whatever you had when the level was saved from the beginning is what you would have if you replayed the level over again.

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