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Asked: 2 years ago

Can't Use My Unlocked Powers In Previous Missions?

Well, I just finished Dishonored and wanted to go back and replay missions that i didn't perform too good on, but it turns out that all my unlocked powers and runes don't stay with my character. I didn't overwrite any save, and I went back right after beating the game by using mission select. Is there a way around this, or is this part of the game?

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When you finish Mission 1, the status you are then is your Mission 2 status. So no.
I believe even if you Finish mission1 with no skills, then replay mission and buy skills, Mission 2 from the Mission select will have no skills since thats how you were there first time you beat mission 1.

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No. When you start a "New Game" and clear a mission, it saves your current status (across the board) to the current game your on. So if your on a new game and start mission 2, at the beginning of mission 2 it saves your powers, money, skills and everything. When you pick back up at the start of that mission in "play mission" then you have that material. If you start a new game, and get back to Mission 2, then it's overwritten again for playing "play mission".

A strange way for them to do it, yes, but it works.

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