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I made this walkthrough as part of the main walkthrough for the game I made. I
am posting it as a stand alone walkthrough to help people who only want this
part of the Walkthrough.

Version 2.0 : 3/10/2012 - Rewrote this walkthrough, added what I missed before.
(Namely the Warden Helmet.) and made it easier to follow. I hope.


Although you may be able to do this anytime throughout the game, it is best to
wait until the post-game to do it. This section is a walkthrough for this DLC.

When you are ready to begin. Head to the Memento of Legacy in your house and
interact with it. Bring your Brother/Sister along if possible. You get an
achievement for clearing this DLC with them by your side, as well as extra
story content.

A Crate is to the north. There is another one in the northwestern path. There
is a corpse on the way forward. When you hit the larger area there is apile of
bones near the west side, and in the east. There is yet another pile of bones
on the path forward. After it is a scene.

After the battle there is a sack to the southwest, and a crate in the north.
Now head through the Gate. After the fight, in the north is a chest with the
Passage Key and 9 gold. Near it is a crate. Up the ramp to the south is a
crate, with rubble at the end of the wooden path. Move on through the gate to
the east. There is some rubble not too far past it. Followed by a Codex.
Collect it. Keep moving forward into the next area.

After some stairs, and a trap, is a crate. After the battle ahead, go north
into the smaller house for a crate and a potion. Each Cage has rubble in it,
located in front of the larder house. There are two doors inside, the north one
holds a crate, a chest, and a potion. The east door has a crate and a chest.

Head down the stairs in the south. you'll find a crate at the west end, and
one in the east end. North of there has a crate, a Chest with a Gate Key, A
Potion, and a Codex. Grab it. When trying to head up the stairs you'll have
to fight another mess of enemies. After the battle there is a Viewpoint to the
East before going up the stairs. Go on through the Gate.

There is a barrel on the stairs down. Move forward into the hideout.

Down the stairs to the east is a small purse, a barrel, and a Potion. In the
next room is another Codex. In the following room there is rubble in the cell.
Before the next set of stairs is a crate. There are three doors south after you
go up the stairs. Loot them all for coins and potions. To the northeast path
is a chest and a codex. Next Move on past the fight go north down some stairs.
There is a chest, a Warm Orb, and a Codex. Down and around the next set of
stairs is a potion. Thereís a crate along the path. Gerav will drop a Codex.
You'll find a crate to the south of a "Return to Kirkwall" Statue. SAVE. This
is the last place where you can return to Hawke's home. Move on past the gate.
The item you get as a reward for the fight is different depending on your
class. You'll be forced to Equip it, but you don't have to keep it equipped if
you prefer your old weapon. There are two crates and a sack to the north. A
crate and two potions are in the south. Move onto the next area.

There is a viewpoint to the west. There is a crate right next to it. A little
bit ahead is a "Gather Your Party" and a Storage chest. To the north in the
same room is a pile of bones. On the west and east walls in the following room
are glowing red spots. Interact with both of them, then interact with the one
in the middle of the yellow glowing mist. Along the path forward is a potion.

To the north is a Codex and a small purse. In the next room to the south is a
crate. After the scene, following the path forward you'll find another Codex
and a pile of bones next to it. There is a potion to the north before entering
the next room.

Interact with the seal, and kill the demon. After you win you can pick one of
four powers into your weapon. When you exit the room, to the south is a pile of
bones. Move forward. There is a small purse along the path. There is a crate in
the next room, along with a potion. Move into the next area.

There is a pile of bones in the north of the room. There is a Red Glow point
ahead, interact with it. Past the next room and into the one past it in the
south is the second glow mark. Interact with it and head back to the cage to
open it like the last one. To the west of the door is a skeletal corpse and a
View point. Head through the door.

After the battle head into the east room for the Crown of Dumat. There is a
health potion on the path ahead. There is a codex and a chest in the following
room. In the next room the first glow mark is in the east. The second one is in
the south of the following room. (There is also a pile of bones and potion in
the north of the same room.) Defeating the final demon completes one of the
side-quests. At the Fork, go into the East room and pick up Dumat's Sacrificial
Dagger. In the west room there is a potion. Before the next seal there is a
small purse to the west. Go and interact with the seal. Again you can choose
one of four powers. To the west after the seal is a skeletal corpse. Continue
on. After the cut-scene there is yet another potion. Move onto the next area.

To the east is a pile of bones. Moving forward you'll fight a battle. When you
kill an enemy you should get an achievement.

| Achievement -deep Roads Safari                                              |
| Kill a Genlock, Genlock Alpha, Hurlock Alpha, a Bronto, and a Deepstalker.  |
| This is pretty much automatic, as you can't finish this DLc without doing   |
| this.                                                                       |

To the south is a Codex, grab it. There is rubble before the doorway forward.
There is a building to the northeast with the next page in it. (And a pile of
bones just outside it, and another pile along the path forward.) When you go up
some stairs, keep heading west for A room with touches. The goal is to have
them all light up. It's not all that hard to do it. You'll be rewarded with 21
gold and a pair of gloves. Up the stairs is a health potion, and Dumat's Ritual
Scroll. To the south is a crate, head inside the building. We need one more
item before we can finish this. Along the path forward is a crate.

There is another page to the south of the next battle. To the east of that is
the Sacred Urn of Dumat. Collect it and go back to the alter. Place the items
on the alter. You'll get some coin and a reward.

There is a chest before the bridge that leads onward. Head east to the Quest
mark and interact with the body to finish the last side-quest.

|Achievement - Tower Sweeper                                                  |
| Complete every side-quest in this DLC to gain this.                         |

Right where the huge enemy rushes out of has a pile of bones. After the Bridge
head east for a Codex and two piles of bones. Thereís a small purse on the path
forward and some rubble. Interact with the final seal. You'll get to pick a
third power for your weapon. Move forward to the next area.

Depending on whom you side with, go to the correct section below.

|Achievement - Family Legacy                                                  |
| Gain three effects to Hawke's Key.                                          |

Siding with Janeka

There is a crate to the south. Interact with the Power Nexus at the quest
marker. This opens the way to the next Power Nexus in the south. Move forward
into the next room. There is a pile of bones and a View point. In the next room
is a potion, a pile of bones, and the green Power Nexus. The next room holds
the next Nexus. This opens a golden Nexus. Moving forward there is a Codex on
the path, and a power nexus next to it. Going north is a crate and another
power nexus. Head back past the room with the gold nexus, and north, follow the
path to the next nexus, then continue on and go east into a new room. Use the
red nexus here. Use the nexus in the next room. Loot the chest, use the new
nexus, then the following one. Now the final one in this room. Head through the
door and use the gold nexus now. Go through the now open path and loot the
chest for the warden helmet. There is also a crate along the path. Now go back
to the other gold nexus, use it, and move forward. There is a pile of bone
north before going into the round room. Move onto the next area.

At the end of the path is a scene and a battle. To free the thing you must
interact with each Pillar pointed out by quest markers.

Skip the next section and go to the boss battle.

Siding with Larius

Interact with the Power Nexus. There is a Viewpoint before entering the circle
room. After a battle you have a puzzle.

Start in the South east corner. Move it once, then move the next three times.
The one in the center should be moved twice. Then the final pillar once.

There is a crate in the next room and a pile of bones in the following room.
In the room to the east are two codexes and a crate. As well as a Power Nexus.
There is a pile of bones, a chest, and a Codex down the south path. Head north,
at the next fork, go east and interact with another Power Nexus.

Head back to the puzzle room now. There are now 4 streams of light. Green, Red,
Blue, and the gold from before (That should be white now.) The goal? Connect
all the lights like you did the first time. There is a video on youtube that
shows you how if your stuck. My advice? Work on one stream at a time. I did the
blue one first, then green, and finished with red. When I was done all the
streams were connected with any extra headache. It looks a lot harder then it
is. Go forward, at the first fork go east then north. There are two chests at
the end of the path. One of them has the warden helmet.

Go back to the main path and go to the quest marker. At the end of the path a
scene starts, and a fight. Continue to the next section for the boss fight.

The Boss Fight

The boss fight has five rounds. The boss gains powers from the pillars and
becomes harder each round. First he'll gain fire, then earth, then ice, and
finally lighting. Each time he does this you have to run around to each pillar
and interact with it as well as kill the demons. (I would activate all four
first then kill the demons, as they are weak enough for your party to handle.)
As more power is used on you this becomes harder as well. Keep your HP up, and
be careful with this fight. It is not easy.

After the battle is over, loot the boss for the final piece to the warden
armor, and talk to the person with the quest marker. When the closing scenes
are done you'll be back at Hawke's house.

|Achievements - Conductor - Family Outing                                     |
| Beating this DLC gains the conductor achievement. Doing it with your        |
| sister or brother in the party gains the Family Outing Achievement.         |


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