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How do you pick galactus from the lineup ?

I heard you can play as galactus in the game. But i don't know how to pick him

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CybiCelfOfaint answered:

Messerly is correct; you (on the PS3) have to have an MvC3:FoTW save file to have Galactus right from the get-go, or 30,000 player points, if you do not have an original save file.

I'm sorry, Messerly, I'm just adding some additional info.

When you are hovering above the "Arcade" button, where you would normally click a button to go in, do not go in. Instead keep "Arcade" highlighted and hold L1 and Select and then press X; there you will have Mr. Galactus; it is pretty fun.

I know that is what, Messerly, said, but many people try to initiate Galactus while already in the character select screen, and that don't fly.
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Messerly answered:

must have mvc save file or gathered enough points to unlock him
go to arcade mode and press and hold L1 + select then press X
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