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So i have MvC3, is the gameplay still the same in Ultiamte? More combos?

Im still deciding if I want to buy UMvC3 since vergil and ghost rider is there and nemisis and so on..
But its like only MvC3 with more characters.

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tiomasta answered:

12 new characters, one alternative version of stages, some overall little balancing and improvements on all characters (this one move can now OTG, this one move has a smaller hitbox, you don't need to do qcf twice for these specials of Dante anymore, etc) and the game in general (air x-factor, cant block in airdash, etc), online mode doesn't throw you back at the starting screen for the smallest reasons, theres also a spectator feature now and there's the new mode Heroes vs Heralds as free DLC.

Also a new HUD, a few new lines and a new line trigger when another character jumps in to substitute a KOd one.
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